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The Linc - Eagles rushing attack could get back on track

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/4/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Wulf's Den: A Special Start & A Shakedown -
Great as always. Must watch/read.

10 Rams observations -
Not only are the Rams 30th in overall rush D, they're 30th in yards per carry, and they've given six rushes of 20+ yards, which is the most in the NFL, despite the Rams having only played three games.  Could this be the week the Eagles rushing attack gets back on track?

Just Do It - Iggles Blitz
Football is a game of adjustments and adaptation, but not in the way most people think. There are very few "aha moments".  Chip Kelly is never going to fix the offense by remembering some great schematic twist from something he did at New Hampshire or that he read about in a football coaching book. Kelly is going to focus on execution more than plays. The key isn’t to find something new to throw at defenses. The Eagles simply need to execute better. That’s a boring answer, but it is the truth. Instead of trying to come up with new run plays, why not just do a better job of blocking on the ones being already used? Why not adjust what LeSean McCoy does and have him run more N-S?

Chip Kelly Update: Well, That Sucked - Fishduck
The 3-0 Eagles steamed into brand new Levi’s Stadium, hoping to kick the 1-2 San Francisco 49ers while they were down (two key defenders out, the coach fighting with management, and Colin Kaepernick showing his flaws). They left dismayed, perhaps exposed, with fans squabbling, coach Chip Kelly defensive and Nick Foles’s big contract payday at the end of this year in doubt.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: ‘It’s My Fault’ - Birds 24/7
"I've dropped two touchdowns this year. That's bad," said Cooper. "Everything else, I feel like I've been playing good football -- in the blocking and getting open and all those things. I just have to make those two plays, and I think everybody harps on those two because they are so big and at such crucial moments and both touchdowns. You definitely can't have that. You have to catch the ball, man. If you're going to be a receiver you better catch the ball. That's always been one of my strengths. I'm not the fastest, the quickest. Obviously I have to do something good and catching has been it. I definitely need to make some plays and I definitely can be better."

Money matters for Eagles - Daily News
THE EAGLES are going to have a lot of interesting decisions to make after the season. At the moment, whether to make their quarterback a multimillionaire doesn't look like it's going to be one of them. At the moment. Unless Nick Foles' play improves dramatically in the coming weeks, the Eagles aren't going to be in a rush to tear up the final year of his rookie deal and give him a Kaepernick-like contract.

Mosher's scouting report: Eagles-Rams - CSN Philly
If LeSean McCoy can’t break out against the Rams, he might as well pack his bags and take vacation for the rest of the season. St. Louis has the NFL’s third-worst rushing defense, allowing 155 yards per game and 5.1 yards per carry against. Same deal for Nick Foles, who has dipped below 60-percent passing accuracy. The Rams, who had 105 sacks over the past two seasons, has just one this year, fewest (obviously) in the NFL.

Jon Runyan's $5.8M Mount Laurel estate on the market (PHOTOS) -
Jon Runyan, former Eagles tackle and outgoing congressman, has put his $5.8M, 23-acre Mount Laurel estate on the market.

Breaking Madden: The haunting of Cam Newton - SB Nation
In this episode of Breaking Madden, we are disabling the offsides penalty. Ice up, Cam.

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