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Chip Kelly correctly didn't challenge the spot on Chris Polk's goal-line run

A league source has indicated that the Eagles would have lost the review if they challenged the spot of Chris Polk's fourth-quarter goal-line run.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles' most recent loss to the Arizona Cardinals is in the past as the team prepares to face the Houston Texans in Week 9. With that said, here's an interesting leftover nugget from the team's Week 8 match-up.

According to Derrick Gunn of CSN Philly, the Eagles were right not to challenge the spot on Chris Polk's goal-line run late in the fourth quarter. Gunn notes that the Eagles would not have won the challenge in that situation due to a lack of indisputable evidence.

While it looked like Polk had done enough to get the first down (or even a touchdown), the officials didn't spot the ball favorably for Philadelphia. The chains indicated that the Eagles were short of the first down. The Eagles then ran the ball out of the shotgun on third down but were stuffed and had to settle for kicking a field goal.

While it's true that head coach Chip Kelly didn't have his best game, it's hard to blame him for not throwing the flag in this case. As Kelly noted earlier in the week, spot challenges are typically hard to overturn. Consider that only 32.8% of spot challenges have been overturned this season. If anything, blame the officials for a bad spot.

But what's done is done. The Eagles lost and they're now 5-2 heading into this week's game against the Texans. Here's to looking forward.

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