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The Linc - Nick Foles is a system quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/3/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Inside Voices: How the Eagles Tipped Their Hand - Birds 24/7
"I think if you look at Foles the player, what you likely see is this: He's got a good arm but not a gun; he's not a power thrower, not a drive thrower. He's a little more of a finesse thrower than a drive thrower. He does not have quick feet. There is no quick-twitch to his movement. There's no explosive lower-body movement to him. When you look at Foles, I think what you see is a quarterback that needs the system to work for him and provide defined reads and good throws with the route concepts, just the whole system. He needs the system to work for him..."

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 4 in the books -
There are two ways to look at the Eagles through four games. Only Jason Peters has manned his normal OL spot, LeSean McCoy has done nothing, and Nick Foles has played three below average games. And yet, they're 3-1. Just wait until they get healthy and start clicking. That's the optimistic view. The pessimistic view is to say, "Yeah, they're 3-1, but I'm not sure I see them clicking anytime soon. Where do I stand? Well, the NFC is wide open. Only the Seahawks are a team you could point to as being definitively, head-and-shoulders better than the Eagles right now. Every other team has serious flaws of their own as well. Will the Eagles emerge as the team other than the Hawks to rise above their flaws? I really have no idea.

Detailed Game Review – SF 26, PHI 21 - Iggles Blitz
Poor showing, but still almost pulled out the win. Went 21-43-195. Had 2 INTs. Sloppy game. Too many poor decisions and too many poor throws. Good moments were few and far between. Moved the chains on opening 3rd down by running for a yard up the middle. Threw downfield for Celek and then Ertz on that drive. Both were incomplete and a bit long. Celek was open. Ertz was well-covered by 57. Slid to his left in the mid-1st and hit Ertz for a 3rd down completion that moved the chains. Looked good and made me think that would get him going. Next throw was way off target. Went for Mac downfield. Pass was short and out of bounds. Had Maclin open for long TD in the early 2nd. Made bad throw. Wasn’t balanced when he threw it. Sad thing is that the middle of the field was wide open. If the ball is anywhere in there, Mac could go get it. Instead the ball went the other direction and Mac had no chance to even get a hand on it. Made a terrible decision on 2nd/2 in the late 3rd. Had no one open so he forced the ball downfield to Maclin. Got hit as he threw the pass and that led to an INT. Foles had room to run and could have easily moved the chains and gotten a new set of downs. Ugh.

Eagle Eye: Rams Boast Playmakers On 'D' -
Coming off the bye week, this is going to be a very tough St. Louis Rams team that takes the field on Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field. Though just 1-2, they’ve got a very talented defense to go along with a tough running game and talented weapons on the perimeter that can score at any time. Austin Davis, named the starter earlier this week by head coach Jeff Fisher, plays within the offense and gets the ball out quickly and in rhythm. When it’s all said and done, though, this is a running team led by second-year back Zac Stacy. Let’s look at one of their favorite plays to run with Stacy in the backfield, the split zone run.

It's the deep ball that's killing Foles - IgglesBlog
As you can see, Foles' YPA numbers haven't budged on throws behind the line of scrimmage or out to nine yards. He's dropped a bit in the 10-19 range, but the effect is mirrored over YPA/YPC. The real decline is in the 20+ area, where his YPA has plummeted (over, yes, only four games) to Jake Locker / Geno Smith / Eli Manning territory.  The table at right, which collapses the categories into deep throws and "everything else," is even more stark. Foles is close to the same guy he was last year on "everything else" throws, but his deep ball stats are 1) way worse and 2) heavily influencing his overall numbers, because they've gone from 18% of his attempts to 25%. That's also the range in which he's thrown three of his four INTs.

Still bitter, Eagles RB Darren Sproles says, 'I felt disrespected' by Saints -
"I felt disrespected there,’’ said Sproles, who has helped the Eagles to a 3-1 start to the season. "Listen, I understand this is business and all of that, but (when they talked about trading him) they put it up on Twitter. That’s how I found out. There was a screen shot and a friend of mine texted it to me. I felt they did me wrong.

Skeptical Football: Dynasties, Perfect Kickers And A Weird NFL Rule | FiveThirtyEight
And without further ado, the Gunslinger trophy for the first quarter-season goes to … Nick Foles. There have been some very good gunslingers so far this year, but none has been as successful as Foles, who led comeback wins of 17, 14 and 10 points in his first three games. Here’s a plot of how many times a quarterback won versus how far he threw downfield while trailing (for the 10 quarterbacks with the most trailing passes attempted).

Why Rams are perfect remedy for what ails Eagles - CSN Philly
This is an excellent spot for the Eagles. They’re 3-1 but, as we’re wont to do around here, a lot of people are focusing on the "one" and not the "three." If you could arrange a matchup with St. Louis for any portion of the schedule, if you could pick up the Rams and drop them down anywhere, it would probably be Week 5. If the Eagles win (as of Thursday, Vegas has them installed as a 7-point favorite, depending on which book you prefer), they’ll erase any lingering anxiety over last week’s hiccup and they’ll carry momentum into Week 6 when they face the Giants in a nationally televised Sunday night NFC clash.

The Jaguars have a better offense than the Eagles - SB Nation
The Spike Factor has some very bad news for the Philadelphia Eagles this week -- very bad news. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are so damn smooth.

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