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The Linc - Why isn't Chip Kelly going for it on fourth down?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/29/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

***Eagles NRG Page -***
Cool stuff here from NRG. Click the link and find out how to win prizes such as free club level tickets, team merchandise, autographed jerseys, Eagles player meet and greets, food/beverage vouchers, and more.

Eagles players talk about the biggest hits they ever took -
Trent Cole: "I've taken some big hits, only a couple, but I'm usually the one giving them. I'm the hammer, not the nail."

Solving Problems - Iggles Blitz
Nick Foles throws too many INTs. He tells us week after week that he is working on it. Chip Kelly talks about fixing trouble spots, like the Red Zone offense. Bill Davis talks about the need to stop giving up big plays. All 3 of these problems have plagued the Eagles this year, but aren’t getting solved. I realize "plagued" is a strong word for a 5-2 team, but without these issues the Eagles could be 7-0 or at least playing better football.

Matthews, Huff And the Wide Receiver Class - Birds 24/7
The 2014 wide receiver class was billed as one of the best and deepest in the history of the NFL draft. Sixteen wideouts were selected in the first three rounds, two of them by the Eagles. So, how are the highest of the highly-touted receivers doing through eight weeks? And how do Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff stack up? Let’s take a look.

Eagle Eye: All-22 Cardinals Game Review -
There’s no question that Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals was one of missed opportunities. What’s important for the Eagles is to fix what needs fixing, improve and get ready for a young, aggressive Houston Texans squad coming off a huge division win. Nick Foles and the offense got the ball back with 1:21 to play and two timeouts. The offense did a great job of working its way down the field to get in position to go ahead in the final seconds. Let’s take a look at the plays that made up that drive.

Never stop meddling, Jerry Jones—signed, Eagles fans - The 700 Level
The Dallas Cowboys had a good thing going. The club was riding a six-game winning streak into Monday night, their longest since 2007. Suddenly armed with a dominant ground attack behind a strong offensive line, they had people talking like the Cowboys might be legit. Then Jerry Jones got involved. Tony Romo had injured his surgically repaired back, and for some reason this called for the 72-year-old owner of the team to leap out of the cushy throne in his Jerryworld luxury box and head downstairs to stick his nose in everybody’s business from the medical examiner to his head coach, who he emasculated on national television, and more to the point, in front of the squad.

The Eagles, the Texans and turnover problems - CSN Philly
This is a tough spot. The Eagles have turned the ball over so many times this year they might as well hand out two-for-one discount giveaway coupons. That’s bad enough, but this weekend they will face one of the most opportunistic defenses in the league, a unit that forces turnovers as regularly as the Eagles give them up.

More Fourth Down Challenges For Chip Kelly - numberFire
As an Eagles fan, I've criticized Chip Kelly a few times for not bringing his propensity for going for it on fourth down to the NFL. At Oregon, he would rarely punt and set the standard for analytical play-calling. While he has had tremendous success already in the NFL, Kelly has been a lot less "risky" in those fourth down decisions. To be fair, it is not the same environment as when he was at Oregon. The job security is not the same. The talent is not the same. The kickers and punters are not the same.

Bill Davis says Nate Allen hate is misplaced - Daily News
People who scapegoat Eagles safety Nate Allen aren't being fair to the Eagles' safety, defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Tuesday. Davis said he is "absolutely confident in Nate Allen. No question."

Washington should deal RG3, pick up Jordan Shipley and other trade deadline moves - SB Nation
Two coaches sons who both need a change of scenery to take on brand new challenges in the domestic violents space. Jims got more of a Baltimore persona, and besides acording to most pickup artist forums, nothing screams "AFC" more then Walmart Khakis. They are both the type guys who would take a job in another city and forget to tell there familys so its not like theyll have to do alot of convincing on the homefront. In fact this would be a great opportunity to film a "Football Life" seres with a trading spouses type sitaution for the brothers to just kind of admit that there old children werent focused enough and see if a new voice in the living room might make these kids recommit to greatness.

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