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2014 NFL Power Rankings, Week 9: Eagles Compilation

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Christian Petersen

Week 8 of the 2014 NFL season is over which means it's time for everyone's favorite activity: NFL Power Rankings. With the return of power rankings comes the return of the weekly Philadelphia Eagles power rankings compilation.

Here is a round-up of how various Internet media outlets have ranked the Eagles. Let's see what the 'experts' are saying. As always, we'll start by revisiting mine first.

Bleeding Green Nation

5) The Eagles had a chance to beat a good Arizona team but fell short due to three turnovers and two big defensive breakdowns. Two of the turnovers came in the red-zone.

Last week: 4

SB Nation

6) Luckily for the Cowboys, the Eagles lost a tough one as well. Although they're still trailing Dallas by a half-game, they obviously remain a contender in the NFC East. Their run game behind Shady McCoy is heating up, and that could pay dividends down the line.

Last week: 4

Mile High Report

5)  Finally, we got to see the Philadelphia Eagles match up against a quality opponent and they left a lot to be desired. Nick Foles put up 411 yards, but a late goal line stand by the Arizona Cardinals spelled defeat for the Eagles.

Last week: 4

Music City Miracles

2) N/A

Last week: 2

Baltimore Beatdown

7) They had a chance to win the game in Arizona but instead made a wish and blew it out like a lit birthday candle.

Last week: 6

Philly Daily News

4) Only the Jets and Jaguars have more giveaways.

Last week: 2

CBS (Prisco)

5) If not for the mistakes against the Cardinals, they'd be the top NFC team. Those turnovers were killers.

Last week: 4

CBS (Kirwan)

11) Coming off a bye week wasn't enough to beat the Cardinals. The Birds are undefeated at home but now 1-2 on the road. Nick Foles threw for 411 yards last week but he has to eliminate the interceptions.

Last week: 6


5) Sunday was a missed opportunity for the Eagles, the kind they should take advantage of now before a Week 13-15 stretch against the Cowboys, Seahawks and Cowboys again.

Last week: 3

4) Close deal there with Jordan Matthews at the end, but I don't think he would have been able to drag that other foot inside the white line, even if he hadn't been pushed. Penalties and turnovers ruined the day for the Eagles, ultimately undermining a suddenly-one-dimensional offense that featured 411 yards from Nick Foles.

Last week: 3


3) The turnovers on offense and big plays allowed on defense finally caught up to the Eagles in a game where they bested their opponent by a significant amount of yards and first downs. Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce are on their way and they will revive the offensive line.

Last week: 2


4) Last year, Nick Foles carried the Eagles.  This year, he could be holding them back.

Last week: 4


4) The mistakes in Sunday's loss are concerning, but it doesn't make them a bad team. They're a few costly turnovers, a great John Brown touchdown catch or 16 more yards from winning a road game against one of the best teams in the NFL. No reason to panic.

Last week: 2

USA Today

4) They ventured into the red zone three times Sunday and came away with three points. But the O-line could be restored next month.

Last week: 4

Washington Post

9) The Eagles played reasonably well in Arizona but lost to a team playing extremely well. QB Nick Foles was one of the league’s four 400-yard passers Sunday but he threw two more interceptions. His turnovers continue to be an issue. The Eagles have another road game, this time in Houston, as they attempt to bounce back this weekend.

Last week: 5


7) Not the magical season of a year ago for Nick Foles, who has seven picks in his last four games, including two more against the Cardinals in a tough road loss.

Last week: 5


The rankings range from as high as 2 to as low as 11. 4 was the most common ranking. 5.31 is the average ranking. That's down one and half spots from last week's average ranking of 3.81.

Most outlets didn't drop the Eagles too far, and reasonably so. Philadelphia wasn't the only team near the top to lose this weekend; look at teams such as the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys. It also helps that the team the Eagles lost to, the Arizona Cardinals, looks like a formidable squad. The Eagles had ample opportunity to win the game as well, but they obviously blew those chances.

A number of outlets are also starting to realize there's just something wrong with Nick Foles. It's not just Philadelphia.

The Eagles have a chance to stop the bleeding and rebound this week with a win in Houston. The result of the Cowboys versus Cardinals game should also shake up some rankings near the top.

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