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NFL Trade Rumors 2014: Will the Eagles make a deadline deal?

The Eagles have been quiet. Too quiet?

Rich Schultz

Today marks the last day of the 2014 NFL season that teams are allowed to trade with each other, also known as the NFL trade deadline. All deals have to be finalized by 4:00 PM EST. Due to the structure of the league, NFL trade deadline deals are not necessarily as common in other leagues. Still, it will be interesting to watch if the league's landscape shifts with any big moves on Tuesday.

The Eagles were mentioned in a few rumors over the weekend. One report via Ian Rapoport linked them to Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent JacksonAnother report from ProFootballTalk indicated the Eagles have interest in trading for a starting safety. Rapoport suggested Tennessee Titans safety Michael Griffin and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Dashon Goldson as players available in a trade.

Since the weekend, however, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has downplayed trade talks. Kelly specifically says he chuckles at the rumors because he's happy with the roster. With that in mind, Kelly said the team is still listening to offers.

No, I'm not looking into the report and no, we're not looking into safeties.  If someone calls us and says they want to give us their safety, then we would take a safety. I mean, I think the whole trade deadline in the National Football League, and I said it this morning, is a little bit overblown.  I think there was one trade in the entire league last year, and we traded Sop [DT Isaac Sopoaga] to the Patriots and swapped draft picks.  It's not Major League Baseball where we're unloading contracts and four guys are going here and then all of a sudden we're trading Minor Leaguers and all that.  I mean, it makes for good talk, but we're not actively looking for anything.  But if someone called us, we'd obviously listen if someone called us.

While a trade seems unlikely, it cannot be ruled out entirely. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is not shy to make deals. A blockbuster deal shouldn't be expected, but perhaps Philadelphia will try to add depth somewhere on the roster.

We'll see how the day unfolds. BGN have you updated on any rumors that emerge.

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