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Eagles vs. Cardinals Final Score: Philadelphia falls to Arizona, 24-20

The Philadelphia Eagles were defeated by the Arizona Cardinals at Univesity of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, 24-20. The Eagles dropped to 5-2 on the 2014 NFL Season. Read on for a drive-by-drive recap of the game. Up next for Philadelphia is a road game against the Houston Texans.

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Big game between two top NFC opponents.


Eagles win the toss and elect to receive. Opening kick goes for a touchback.

Eagles 1st drive: Punt

A few short passes before Nick Foles throws an incomplete pass on third down. Three and out.

Cardinals 1st drive: Punt

Emmanuel Acho starts at inside linebacker next to DeMeco Ryans. Mychal Kendricks comes in on second down as the Eagles line up in their dime package. It appears the Eagles are easing Kendricks back into the lineup. Brandon Boykin allows a catch to Cardinals rookie John Brown and then commits a defensive holding penalty. Not a great start for him.

Trent Cole lays a huge hit on Carson Palmer and causes him to fumble but it gets negated by a Nate Allen penalty. FOX didn't show the replay but apparently it was an illegal hands to the face. Eagles get a stop on third down as Michael Floyd drops a closely contested ball in the endzone. Cardinals decline to kick a 53-yard field goal and punt instead. The punt goes for a touchback for a net of 15 yards. Not really a great decision from Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.

Eagles 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-0, Eagles)

LeSean McCoy runs for a first down with Foles lined up under center on the hand off. Jordan Matthews makes a big catch on 3rd-and-12 to convert. Chris Polk gets his first carry of the season on a 2nd down run. The Eagles move into field goal range due to a late hit on Foles. Jeremy Maclin catches a screen pass from Foles and takes it to the house for a 21-yard score. That's his 31st career receiving touchdown, tying him for 10th on the franchise's all-time list. Great open field block by right tackle Lane Johnson on the play. Philly gets on the board first.

Cardinals 2nd drive: (Continued below)

Casey Matthews allows a catch to Andre Ellington for a first down. Not an ideal match-up there. Boykin gives up a sideline catch to Larry Fitzgerald. Great effort by the veteran, but it looked like he bobbled it as he went out of bounds. No challenge. Cardinals go for it on 4th and inches, get the first down. Boykin gives up another catch to Fitzgerald and Arizona is in prime scoring territory.


Cardinals 2nd drive: Touchdown (7-7, tie game)

Ellington runs it in from the 1-yard line for the score. Tie game.

Eagles 3rd drive: Fumble

Jordan Matthews makes a catch but the Cardinals challenge and it's incomplete. Good coverage by Arizona to force the mistake. Zach Ertz moves the chains with a first down catch. McCoy is brought down by rookie safety Deone Bucannnon with a horse collar tackle but there's no call. Huff fumbles the ball on a catch and run at the 2-yard line. Not a good time for a rookie mistake.

Cardinals 3rd drive: Punt

Arizona is backed up in their own territory but converts on third down with a big catch by rookie John Brown. Cary Williams was beaten in coverage. Williams didn't locate the ball. Trent Cole is called for roughing the passer on the play, but it looked like a clean hit on Palmer. Philadelphia finally forces a third down stop as the Cardinals approach mid-field.

Eagles 4th drive: Interception

Jason Peters' second illegal hands to the face penalty of the day backs up the Eagles. 3rd-and-15, a scrambling Foles throws a nice deep ball to Riley Cooper for a big gain. Arizona challenges the ruling because it looks like Cooper bobbled the ball. Call stands. Arizona is out of challenges for the remainder of the game. Foles throws a pass into the endzone targeted for Huff that gets picked off. Foles threw the ball off of his back foot and it was an easy pick Antonio Cromartie. Very bad. Cromartie gets a decent return on the interception.

Cardinals 4th drive: Punt

Arizona tries a flea-flicker but to no avail. Not much going here after a Cardinals holding penalty sets them back.

Eagles 5th drive: Punt

Maclin and Patrick Peterson collide and neither are moving. Scary. Maclin gets up on his own power but is helped to the locker room. Nothing going on this drive. Philadelphia has to punt.

Cardinals 5th drive: Punt

Ellington takes a catch and runs for a nice gain. Arizona ends up having to punt anyway. Riley Cooper is back returning punts with Maclin out.

Eagles 6th drive: Punt

Huff commits an offensive pass interference penalty. Maclin returns to the game and makes his presence known by making a first down catch. Ertz moves the chains next with an impressive grab. Eagles punt on 4th down with 6 seconds left instead of attempting a hail mary pass. Odd. That ends the first half.


Eagles kickoff to the Cardinals to start the second half. Earl Wolff gets banged up on the play.

Cardinals 6th drive: Touchdown

Larry Fitzgerald catch and run for a 80-yard touchdown on 3rd-and-10. Fitzgerald is quite the Eagles killer. It looked like there was an illegal pick on this play, similar to one the Eagles were called for earlier, but no flags. Upon replay, it looks like it may have been clean but it was close. Boykin was beaten in coverage.

Eagles 7th drive: Punt

Foles hangs in the pocket and connects with Jeff Maehl for a first down. Philadelphia gets another first down before having to punt on 4th-and-3.

Cardinals 7th drive: Punt

Three and out for Arizona.

Eagles 8th drive: Field goal

Eagles drive into long field goal range. 4th-and-2, Eagles decided to kick for it instead of going for the first. Rookie kicker Cody Parkey nails the 54-yard attempt. Impressive. Parkey becomes the 6th Eagle with 3+ 50-plus yard field goals in his career. And he's played in just seven games.

Cardinals 8th drive: Punt

Arizona gets set back due to a holding penalty. Eagles defense generates some pressure and forces a three and out.

Maclin returns the punt and gets a decent gain before being shoved out of bounds into a table of Gatorade. Funny sight.

Eagles 9th drive: Punt

A few McCoy runs before Foles throws off of his back foot (again) on third down. Foles' pass is batted down by a Cardinals defender to force fourth down.

Cardinals 9th drive: Punt

Brandon Graham comes up with a monster run stop on Ellington. Arizona can't get much going as a Palmer pass intended for Fitzgerald is incomplete on 3rd-and-14.

Eagles 10th drive: Touchdown (17-14, Eagles)

WOW. Monster deep throw from Foles to Maclin for a touchdown. Just a great throw there from Foles. Maclin deserves a lot of credit for torching the Arizona defense and making a strong over-the-shoulder catch. Much needed big play for Philadelphia. 54-yard play.

Cardinals 10th drive: Fumble

Ellington rushes for a first down by is stripped by Nate Allen as Ellington is falling to the ground. The play is originally ruled down, but Philadelphia challenges. The ruling is reversed and it's the Eagles' ball. Huge play there by Allen. 20th straight game where Philadelphia has forced a turnover.

Eagles 11th drive: (Continued below)

McCoy turns a 2-yard loss into a 7-yard loss. Not good.


Eagles 11th drive: Punt

Eagles can't do anything with the forced turnover. Three and out.

Good punt by Donnie Jones forces the Cardinals to start within their own 5-yard line.

Cardinals 11th drive: Punt

Three and out after the Cardinals fail to convert on 3rd-and-2. Credit safety Malcolm Jenkins with the crucial pass breakup.

Eagles 12th drive: Interception

Foles overthrows Cooper on second down. Peters gets called for a false start on 3rd-and-6. That's the veteran's third penalty of the day. Foles throws an interception to Cromartie on 3rd-and-11. Bad Foles is back. Just a terrible throw. Foles is the first Eagles quarterback with nine interceptions through seven games since Randall Cunningham in 1989.

Cardinals 12th drive: Field goal (17-17, tie game)

Arizona drives into scoring territory thanks to starting with good field position. Palmer throws a pass to tight end John Carlson but DeMeco Ryans breaks it up as the ball is in Carlson's hands. Huge, huge play by Ryans there. Arizona has to settle for kicking a field goal in the red-zone.

Eagles 13th drive: Field goal (20-17, Eagles)

Eagles gain a few first downs before getting set back due to a Todd Herremans holding penalty. Philadelphia gets bailed out with a horse collar tackle by Arizona on McCoy. Eagles move into the red-zone after converting a crucial 3rd down. Eagles down to the 1-yard line with a Polk run. Looks like it should have actually been a first down there, but no challenge.  Not a good spot. Shotgun on 3rd and inches and McCoy's run is stuffed. Eagles kick a 20-yard field goal to take the lead with less than 2 minutes left.

Cardinals 13th drive: Touchdown (24-20, Cardinals)

Cardinals need a score. Carroll II breaks up a pass on 2nd-and-5. It looks like Carroll II could have picked that off if he just saw the ball. 3rd-and-5, Palmer hits John Brown deep for a touchdown. Killer. Nate Allen and Cary Williams trailed in coverage.

Eagles 14th drive: Clock expires

Now the Eagles need a score. Big gain for Cooper. Officials throw a flag for a horse collar penalty but then pick it up. Foles finds Maclin along the sideline to move into scoring range. Foles pass to Ertz is incomplete, which leaves one second left on the clock. Last play of the game play. Jordan Matthews catches the Foles pass but can't get his feet in as he's being tackled by an Arizona defender. Game over.


The Eagles are now 5-2 on the 2014 NFL season. Tough loss.

Stay tuned for much more Eagles-Cardinals post-game coverage.

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