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Florida coaching search rumors involve Chip Kelly, which is stupid


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Here we go again. It feels like whenever there's an head coach vacancy (or in this case, a near vacancy) in the college football ranks, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly somehow gets linked to the open job. It happened at least twice within the past year with USC and Texas.

The latest rumor involves Kelly being interested in the head coaching job at Florida, where Gators head coach Will Muschamp is likely to be fired soon.

Here is what's being said.

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd, however, believes he would be receptive to the right opportunity. And the right opportunity might just be Florida. "Let me just say, Chip will take the phone call if Florida makes it to him," Cowherd said on his radio show Thursday morning.

Surprising as it may be, Cowherd is not the first to link the former Oregon coach's name to the Gators. Former Georgia coach and Campus Insiders SEC reporter Jim Donnan made the same connection on Wednesday, comparing it to Nick Saban's move from the Dolphins to Alabama in January 2007.

"The name that I keep hearing around the country is Chip Kelly. And everybody says, 'well, he's the Philadelphia Eagle coach.' But he really is the kind of guy that needs to come in there and take over that program because instant offense, you saw what he did at Oregon, he had a tremendous career as an assistant coach at New Hampshire," Donnan said. "He would be a vital cog in recruiting in the state of Florida, and if for some reason he turned it down — and I'm sure he would certainly think about whether to stay with the Eagles or not — he's got to remember what Nick Saban did. He left the Miami Dolphins and went to Alabama and subsequently we've seen what he's done, plus he's making $7 million a year."

Yeah, no. It's just not happening.

SB Nation already broke down 4 reasons why it's not going to happen: Florida would need to pay Nick Saban money, Chip Kelly does not love recruiting, Chip Kelly has zero connections to the program or the area, FootballScoop says so. But really it shouldn't even take a post like this to realize it's just not realistic.

The Eagles are 5-1 right now and 15-7 since the beginning of Kelly's tenure. He's not going anywhere. These rumors are a complete fabrication.

I fully recognize that I am part of the problem here by actually addressing this bogus rumor. Apologies in advance. So with that in mind, it would probably be best if everyone would just shut the hell up about it.

Take it away, Zoo With Roy.

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