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NFL Trade Rumors: Five players the Eagles should target at the deadline

BGN takes a look at some potential additions for Eagles if they decided to a plug a trigger before Tuesday's deadline.

Jim Rogash

The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-1 but could stand to improve their roster in some aspects. While the team has preached and practiced continuity, adding a key depth player or a superstar may make them even better. It's widely-known that Howie Roseman likes to wheel-and-deal and this could be the opportunity he has been waiting for this season.

The Eagles weaknesses have become apparent after six games, so it's probably easy to target positions that the team may go after. That said, finding THE player is probably like finding a needle in a haystack with how quiet the team is regarding moves.

Let's take a look at which players could be at the other end of this silence (Ed. Note: One might say, "Nnamdi Silence"):

Vincent Jackson, WR, Buccaneers

Jackson has been rumored to be a possible trade candidate for a couple of weeks. The veteran is one of the better redzone targets in the league and is still a starting-caliber receiver, but with the Buccaneers likely headed toward another lost season, it makes sense to get value for him. Apparently, Tampa Bay is willing to listen to offers and at 31 with a huge contract, it's hard to imagine a team offering a lot for him. The Eagles may be able to deal a fourth round pick for Jackson.

Darrelle Revis, CB, Patriots

While this would be the long shot of long shots, Revis is on a one-year deal and recently ruffled some feathers by showing up late to a meeting. While Bill Belichick is known for having a short fuse with his players, this one seems extremely unlikely. Revis is obviously a top cornerback, but with the amount of plays that Billy Davis has defensive backs play off, it may be hard for him to be "Revis Island."

Cecil Shorts, WR, Jaguars

Shorts is a starter on a team that is going nowhere and should likely add as many picks as it possibly can. The Eagles got rid of DeSean Jackson in the off-season and Shorts could replace him as a rotational deep threat to get more out of the position. Riley Cooper and Shorts could rotate, which would allow the Eagles to maintain the team's standard of blocking as well as have a speed guy when needed. He has struggled with injuries and it's the final year of his rookie contract, so getting something for him may be ideal for the Jaguars.

Dion Jordan, OLB/DE, Dolphins

This guy won't go away, unless he's on a suspension list (zing!). It just so happens that Jordan has been suspended for eight games and has yet to play this season. The Dolphins play him at a position where he can't use his best gifts and he's really not used as a starter. It would make sense to get value for the player while there is at least some to be obtained. The Eagles could use Jordan in a rotation at pretty much every linebacking spot, so they may be willing to part with a conditional mid-round pick that will somewhat allow the Dolphins to save face. Miami might already regret not trading Jordan to the Eagles.

Arthur Brown, ILB, Ravens

This deal made sense a few weeks ago, but as Emmanuel Acho and Casey Matthews continue to play well and with Mychal Kendricks on the mend, it's hard to see this happening. Brown doesn't play special teams, which makes this trade even less likely. He is almost-definitely available, but the Eagles just need to figure out if he's worth adding.

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