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NFL Trade Deadline: Will the Eagles deal one of their own players?

The third and final part of BGN's look at the trade deadline.

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The Eagles may or may not make a deal at the NFL trade deadline, but their potential deals may not just involve adding talent. At 5-1, it would seem a bit odd for the Eagles to deal a member of their tight-knit group, but the possibility should not be dismissed. The team has been active at the deadline in years past and may look toward the future by adding a pick for a player that has barely been used.

When you look at the team's potential off-season trade options, guys like Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham, you realize after six games that that the pair should be untouchable. The two have been reliable from pass rushing and turnover standpoints with a combined six sacks and four forced fumbles. The team has gotten so much production out of the two players that they may last beyond this season, which is a feat that no one predicted when the team switched to a 3-4 defense before last season.

With Curry and Graham likely to stay, the Eagles are very limited on trade pieces. Arguments could be made for James Casey, Riley Cooper and even Cary Williams, but those high-salaried players may not appeal to other teams. Casey is the least-used of the trio but is a fantastic special teams player and has recently seen more time on offense. While he is unlikely to last past this year with Trey Burton in the mix, it is hard to see the Eagles getting a lot of value for him. Cooper and Williams have both been extremely inconsistent this season and their big contracts aren't exactly appealing. Another team isn't likely to jump at the chance to acquire them.

For the Eagles, it may take a surprise candidate to deal one of their own. With the division and playoffs within the team's reach and a culture of continuity established, it would make little sense to drop one of their players for a draft pick. There really isn't an Isaac Sopoaga (whom the Eagles traded at the deadline last year) on the roster this season, so it would probably makes sense for the team to stay put, unless they are blown away with an offer for a player that they think they can replace. Again, dealing an Eagles player shouldn't be ruled out, but it would seem that the prospects are very unlikely.

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