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The Linc - What does Pat Shurmur actually do?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/21/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

***Eagles NRG Page -***
Cool stuff here from NRG. Click the link and find out how to win prizes such as free club level tickets, team merchandise, autographed jerseys, Eagles player meet and greets, food/beverage vouchers, and more.

Analyzing the remaining schedules in the NFC East -
Including the Eagles, there are only five teams in the NFL with unblemished home records. The Cardinals and Packers are two of the other four. The Eagles will play both of those teams on the road.

The Right Kind of Culture - Iggles Blitz
Dynasties get built around great players. Tom Brady in New England. The Triplets in Dallas. Joe Montana and then Steve Young in SF. But what if you don’t get the elite QB or Hall of Fame talent? Can you still have something special? It feels like Kelly is trying to build a program that can thrive with or without great talent. One of the keys is finding selfless players that will do whatever it takes to win. I’m sure James Casey is frustrated with his lack of touches on offense. He didn’t come here to be Antonio Gates, but probably expected to be more than just a role player. Casey still blocks his butt off when he gets on the field. He plays hard on STs. Casey does what is asked of him and he does it well. Casey is a perfect fit for Kelly’s culture. DeSean Jackson wasn’t.

Eagles Pass-Rusher Rankings - Birds 24/7
One of the most pleasant surprises for the Eagles through the first six games has been their ability to consistently generate a pass-rush. In the last three games specifically, the defense did an excellent job of keeping Eli Manning, Austin Davis and Colin Kaepernick uncomfortable in the pocket. And the way they've done it has been impressive. The Eagles don't have a premiere pass-rusher whom offenses have to game-plan for every week. Instead, Billy Davis has done a good job with his calls, sometimes dialing up pressure and other times using the illusion of pressure to create one-on-one matchups.

Finding a Pass Rush- A Follow-Up Post - ChipWagon
In that post we spoke a lot about how Billy Davis tries to scheme pressure and most notably tries to put his pass rushers in the best position to make plays. Billy Davis likes to do this with various defensive line techniques to try and create one-on-one pass rushing opportunities. The Eagles defensive line personnel do not play clearly defined techniques. In one game, you might see Trent Cole at 9-technique, 7-technique, 5-technique, 3-technique, 1-technique and even 0 technique. This is not unique to Trent Cole. Everyone along the defensive line is playing different positions but Cole might be the one showing the most diversity.

Progress Reports: Eagles' 2012 draft class heads for bargaining table - The 700 Level
A perfect example of why numbers don’t always tell the whole story. Cox has sacrificed the lofty sack totals he was projected to rack up coming out of college to fit in defensive coordinator Bill Davis’ scheme. Through six games this season, Cox has yet to record a single quarterback takedown, and has just 3.0 going back to 2013 since the Eagles switched to a 3-4.

Vinny Curry making his snaps count for Eagles - CSN Philly
Here’s all you need to know about Curry: He ranks 136th among NFL defensive linemen in snaps. He ranks fourth among NFL defensive linemen in sacks.

Who is Pat Shurmur, and what does he do? - Daily News
PAT SHURMUR feels most comfortable when he's uncomfortable. It is no surprise, then, that he smiles even as he squirms when confronted with the million-dollar question: What does he DO, exactly? Shurmur is the offensive coordinator of an offensive system for which he usually gets no credit - neither for its conception, nor its implementation, nor its execution on game day. Will this perception handicap Shurmur the next time he is considered for a head-coaching job?

Bradley Cooper Talked those Eagles Hype Videos with Jimmy Fallon - Crossing Broad
Starting at about the 15-minute mark in the video after the jump, Bradley Cooper talks to Jimmy Fallon about his Eagles visor and the voice overs he did for the Eagles’ hype videos. Cooper said Jeff Lurie asked him personally to do it as a favor, and it took him about 90 minutes to run through the voiceovers for all of the Eagles’ opponents. Now that he’s doing theater in New York, Cooper says he realized from the reaction of Giants fans that he’s going to make enemies in the hometowns of the Eagles’ upcoming opponents — Dallas, Denver, Green Bay, etc. — since he’s surely got some choice lines in the voiceovers for those upcoming videos too. The Roots still have his back though.

Eagles, Cowboys Living Atop NFC East -
Week 7 in the 2014 season featured last-minute wins, upsets, a reinforcement of the top team in the AFC and some clarity in an NFC East that features the Eagles and Dallas on top looking down ...

MMBM Week 7: Peyton Manning is truly humbled - SB Nation
Suspend Peyton Manning and teach him a lesson

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