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NFLRA: Chris Baker was correctly penalized for hitting Nick Foles

The story that just won't go away.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are just a few days away from playing their Week 5 game against the St. Louis Rams, but the story about the hit from Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chris Baker on Eagles quarterback Nick Foles just won't go away.

Just last week, NFL's executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent came out and declared that the Baker hit was legal.

"Baker didn’t do anything wrong with that hit. When you look at the rule, he didn’t do anything illegal. People can say it’s a cheap shot and you can talk about whether it might fall under unsportsmanlike conduct. But when you know the rule and you look at the play, he didn’t hit him in the head. He didn’t hit him in the neck. We looked at it. I looked at it very closely. He’s not going to be fined for that."

Now, however, the NFL Referees Association is agreeing with the initial ruling on the field. The NFLRA points out in its statement that, "the officiating department a day later graded the call as correct." According to the officials, Baker did do something wrong with that hit.

Baker, who was fined for grabbing Jason Peters' facemask but not for his hit, celebrated the NFL's ruling last week. Baker also said he didn't regret the hit and he would do it again if he could. If that's the case, Baker will be flagged again.

And then he'll be proceeded to get punched in the face if Jason Peters is around.

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