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The Linc - Chip Kelly loves tight ends

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/19/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

***Eagles NRG Page -***
Cool stuff here from NRG. Click the link and find out how to win prizes such as free club level tickets, team merchandise, autographed jerseys, Eagles player meet and greets, food/beverage vouchers, and more.

Star WRs Don’t Stay Put - Iggles Blitz
Both the Eagles and Seahawks thought their star players were worth getting rid of. Pete Carroll has developed a strong culture in Seattle. Chip Kelly is trying to develop one in Philadelphia. Both organizations decided the fit wasn’t right and made dramatic moves. You can argue whether the moves were good or bad. I think there are so many variables that is tough to truly judge the moves. I just find it fascinating that the teams were willing to move on from stars. That shows real confidence from each organization.

Kellystrator: Week 7 -
Chip Kelly joins Ike Reese to break down one of the big touchdowns in the victory over the Giants, some key defensive plays and how close the team came to scoring on special teams for the third straight week ...

Why Chip Loves Him Some TEs - ChipWagon
Ryan has given you a beautiful piece on Brent Celek. With that in mind, here's more on the Eagle TEs and how Chip uses them. As you might expect, I'm more interested in blocking than that other stuff. We'll start with a first quarter play featuring Zach Ertz.

Eye On the Enemy: NFC East Roundup - Birds 24/7
Once a week, we’ll take a spin around the NFC East to check in on what’s going on with the Eagles’ division rivals.

Is Nick Foles still the guy for the Eagles? - Inquirer
From the start of their relationship, the pairing of the coach who prefers a mobile quarterback with a 6-foot-6 doorstop seemed doomed. Nothing about the ridiculous season Foles turned in after relieving Michael Vick changed that dynamic, but it made Kelly take another look. So, what is he seeing?

Sizing up the Eagles' schedule down the stretch - Daily News
EACH SPRING when the NFL releases its schedule, football-crazed fans across the Delaware Valley go through and mark down potential wins and losses for each of the Eagles' 16 regular-season games. It's a fun exercise, but every fall the same thing happens - a few teams we thought would be good aren't, and several we penciled in as sure-thing wins soon no longer appear that way. So with the 5-1 Eagles on their bye week and all teams five or six games into their seasons, here's a quick look at the statuses of each of the final nine regular-season opponents for Chip Kelly & Co.

10 Eagles questions/answers at the bye week  - CSN Philly
went with 12-4 before the season began, and I think that’s where they finish. That means they’re going 7-3 the rest of the way, which won’t be easy considering their minefield of a schedule. Their last 10 opponents (counting the Cowboys twice) are currently 33-24-1, and six of their last 10 are on the road. But if this team can go 5-1 without Mychal Kendricks, Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce for most of the year, they’re going to be very difficult to beat at full strength. I still think Nick Foles is going to calm down, reduce his interceptions and return at least close to 2013 form. When he does, the Eagles are going to be unstoppable.

The Evster starts a pro sweatpants-in-public revolution - The 700 Level
This is Philadelphia. The birthplace of freedom. The home of Ukee Washington. Like, that’s his name. Ukee. That’s the name he’s chosen to go by. He CHOSE that. And that’s okay! Because this is Philadelphia! And we accept him for who he is. Just like we accept Tim Perry despite the fact that he embarrassed EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US at the 1993 Slam Dunk Contest. Yeah, we have a hard-nosed reputation, but we’re very tolerant people. I saw a guy at a Flyers game once eat his own barf and he got high fives from EVERYONE. So why is it that in such a progressive city as this one, we still look down on the weirdos who wear sweatpants in public?!?!

NFL wives claim league culture nurtures domestic violence - SB Nation
In a report by The Washington Post, two women claim the league and its players union not only failed to intervene after abuse incidents, but took steps to ensure the police were not involved.

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