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The Linc - Chip Kelly isn't afraid to move on from quarterbacks

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/18/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

***Eagles NRG Page -***
Cool stuff here from NRG. Click the link and find out how to win prizes such as free club level tickets, team merchandise, autographed jerseys, Eagles player meet and greets, food/beverage vouchers, and more.

DGR – PHI 27, NYG 0 – The Defense - Iggles Blitz
Bill Davis and his defense did a masterful job. The Giants were averaging 35 points a game in their previous 3 contests. They were red hot. But in playing HOU, WAS and NYG, they didn’t exactly face a trio of great defenses. I didn’t see the Texans game. The Skins played on a short week and were just awful overall in that game. The Falcons could not generate a pass rush to save their lives. The Giants played well in those games, but they weren’t challenged.

Wake-Up Call: ‘I Wouldn’t Want To Play the Eagles’ - Birds 24/7
Well, Chip’s history is that he’s not afraid to move on from quarterbacks. I think that’s been well-documented. [I] do think he values some things from Nick Foles, as he should," said Dilfer. "Nick is extremely tough. He plays very well with people around him. He is a guy who can process a lot of information quickly. He’s a great teammate. He’s an unselfish guy. He’s always been able to get the most from the people around him.

Brent Celek is What a Philadelphia Eagle Looks Like - ChipWagon
With only 10 receptions and 75 yards receiving, Brent Celek appears to be a forgotten man in the Eagles offensive attack. What's more, while Kelly pointed to Celek often last year as a 29 year old player who benefitted greatly from Kelly's SportsScience program, he appears to have lost a step this year when he has had some opportunities in the open field. Despite this, Celek is still playing the most snaps of all our tight ends (70%). Here's why.

Chip Kelly and the culture of success - Inquirer
If Kelly's still-brief time in the NFL has done nothing else, it has shown how closely he follows that precept and how important the distinction between culture and scheme is. Kelly put it in football-specific terms, but what he said could as easily apply to the head of a corporation, or the principal of a school, or an editor overseeing a newsroom. What he's getting at goes beyond the West Coast offense or a 3-4 defense or the question of whether to pass or run on third and 2. It's about how an organization functions, how a leader motivates the individuals within the organization to perform at their best, how he maximizes their collective talent.

Eagles Receivers Exemplify the Chip Kelly Culture - Inside the Eagles
When wide receiver DeSean Jackson was released from the Eagles last March, questions were abound as to the reasons why. Was it because of his contract? Was it due to off-field antics? Was it due to his work ethic and attitude? The truth is, it probably wasn’t just one thing, but if I had to put my finger on the biggest issue, it would be Jackson’s attitude on the field. Chip Kelly has a certain vision about the way football is supposed to be played, and Jackson’s playing style didn’t really mesh with that vision. Namely, I’m talking about two philosophies that Kelly implements with his team:
1) It takes 11 players to run the football, and
2) There are no football positions, just football players

Progress Reports: Development of Eagles' 2nd-year players - The 700 Level
There isn’t much negative to say about Ertz. He isn’t a very strong blocker yet, although that is to be expected. He lost a fumble in Week 4, so that was unfortunate. The Stanford grad is also well off the 10-touchdown pace I thought he could set in 2014, but I suppose that was ambitious—plus there’s still time. After all, he is having a huge impact on Philadelphia’s offense. Ertz has been good for three or four catches per game most weeks, usually a bunch of big gainers. In fact, his seven receptions of 20 yards or more are the most among tight ends in the NFL this season, and tied for seventh overall. Those plays account for over a third of all of Ertz’s grabs.

Roob's 25 Random Points: Foles, Davis, music at the Linc - CSN Philly
Here’s what’s most remarkable about Bill Davis: He doesn’t have a certified superstar on his unit, yet he finds a way to get the job done just about every week. There are a bunch of guys playing really well, but nobody who you write in as a Pro Bowl candidate every year. There’s no Dawk out there, no Lito or Sheldon, no Trott, no Asante, no Bobby or Troy, no Corey Simon, no Seth, Clyde or Reggie. Fletcher Cox and Connor Barwin are playing at a Pro Bowl-level so far this year, but there is no perennial all-pro to be found. Anybody can line up 11 studs and put a decent product out there. Davis is essentially getting it done by squeezing the most out of every single guy on his unit. That is coaching. The Eagles are 14-4 since that Denver loss last year, and Davis deserves a ton of credit for where this team is right now.

Maragos has created something special with the Eagles - Daily News
WITH ENDLESS appearance opportunities and the compensation it provides, the mascot role of Bucky Badger is a highly coveted one at the University of Wisconsin. "There's, like, 100 people trying out every year," Eagles special-teamer Chris Maragos said the other day of his alma mater. "In Wisconsin, it's a pretty cool thing." So when big brother Troy won the job in the year before Chris took his own longshot stab at landing a job with the football program, little brother couldn't have been more proud. And when big brother asked him to don the furry suit and fill in for him during the Fourth of July parade in their hometown of Racine that summer, well, that wasn't going to be a problem, either.

Unsung Eagles Share In 5-1 Success -
Success is a team accomplishment, and there is no "I" in Eagles, but there are some individuals who have been unsung contributors to this 5-1 start. Here is a bit of recognition for them ...

PFT Commenter's elite interview with Pete Prisco from CBS Sports - SB Nation
A hard hitting interview that delivers at pad level.

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