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Percy Harvin Trade: Seattle Seahawks deal wide receiver to New York Jets


Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks (4-2) and New York Jets (1-6) made a trade on Friday night. Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin, whom the team only acquired during the 2013 offseason, has been sent to the Jets in exchange for a conditional 2015 NFL draft pick.

So, kind of a big move. Here's the reaction at Gang Green Nation (New York Jets SB Nation blog):

My personal reaction is that this is a bit late in the season to make an impact. Even if Percy Harvin is fantastic, he can't reverse the teams six losses. I said it before; this move (obviously) has Idzik's prints all over it. Either he felt the heat indirectly from the media, or Woody Johnson saw his team narrowly lose to a good team and internal discussions brought this move about.

And here's the coverage from Field Gulls (Seattle Seahawks SB Nation blog). Turns out that Harvin wasn't exactly the best locker room guy to have around:

Bottom line, it seems pretty clear that something major was going on behind the scenes with respect to Harvin's ability to get along with key members of the coaching staff, front office, or players.

This move has an impact on the Eagles not only because the Seahawks are in the NFC but also because both teams are scheduled to play in Philadelphia on Sunday, December 7. Harvin's absence means one less talented player the Eagles will have to worry about, though it's not as if Seattle lacks talent.

Some people have also brought up the DeSean Jackson fallout in regards to this trade. You know, how the Seahawks actually got a pick for Harvin while the Eagles got nothing for Jackson. While that's certainly true, I'm not sure how someone without inside knowledge can definitively say there weren't significantly different circumstances. Both Harvin and Jackson appeared to be bad locker room presences, but exact details aren't known. Not to mention that the Jets, who had some level of interest in Jackson (but did not seemingly offer him a contract as a free agent), are way more desperate now at 1-6 than they were in the offseason. Also keep in mind that Jets general manager John Idzik spent six seasons with Seattle until being hired to his current position in 2013.

In any case, the deal is done. Harvin is with the Jets and the Seahawks now have an extra draft pick. What do you think of the trade?

Keep in mind the 2014 NFL trade deadline is just a little over a week away on Tuesday, October 28. The Eagles, who traded Isaac Sopoaga to the New England Patriots, were one of two teams to be involved in a deadline day deal last season. Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman is active when it comes to the trade market. Stay tuned.

And one last thing: this recent Chip Kelly quote seems sure seems relevant, doesn't it?

"Culture wins football."

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