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Darren Sproles Injury: Nick Foles stands up for his Eagles teammate (VIDEO)

"That's my teammate!"

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It's no secret that offseason acquisition Darren Sproles has been everything the Philadelphia Eagles hoped (and more) for when the organization traded a mere fifth round pick in order to secure his services away from the New Orleans Saints. For an Eagles offense that has not gone without struggles, Sproles has been a consistently valuable contributor.

It was no surprise, then, that many were concerned to see Sproles go down with an injury during the third quarter of Eagles's 27-0 shutout victory over the New York Giants. Among those disappointed was Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. The third-year signal caller wasn't just sad, however. He was angry that it happened the way it did.

Sproles suffered his injury due to getting caught up in a pile after being tackled. Click here to watch a GIF of the play, but be advised that it's not the most pleasant sight. As you can see, Sproles lands awkwardly on his knee while Giants defensive lineman Markus Kuhn is bringing him down to the ground. Sproles ends up laying on top of Kuhn, whom proceeds to move Sproles off of him, but not without bending the veteran running back's leg.

Foles did not approve of Kuhn's tactic. Here's a clip that first aired on NFL Turning Point. (H/t @CapparelAnthony)


Nick Foles is the man! "That's a special dude right there, that pisses me off! Haha what a leader I love this guy!

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Nick Foles: You can't bend a dude backwards.

Official: We blew the whistles, man.

Foles: Yeah, well call something on him! You can't bend a guy backwards and break his leg. You can't bend a guy backwards.

Official: I know that, Nick. I know that.

Foles: This guy is a special dude right here.

Official: I know, I know.

Foles: You know [Markus Kuhn] knew that. That pisses me off! That's my teammate!

Always cool to see players stand up for each other, and definitely something that a quarterback should do.

As for Sproles, he was diagnosed with a MCL sprain. The veteran offensive weapon will likely miss one or two games while he recovers from injury.

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