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The Linc - Howie Roseman's offseason moves paying off

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/17/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

***Eagles NRG Page -***
Cool stuff here from NRG. Click the link and find out how to win prizes such as free club level tickets, team merchandise, autographed jerseys, Eagles player meet and greets, food/beverage vouchers, and more.

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary with Week 6 in the books -
The Cowboys are converting third downs at a 56% clip. Impressive? Hell yes it is, especially when they're making ridiculous plays like this on 3rd and 20. Only one team in the last 15 years has topped that. But is it sustainable? TBD...

Tweaking - Iggles Blitz
Chip Kelly says the Eagles aren’t a "scheme operation". He’s talking about not making drastic changes just because the team is struggling. Kelly didn’t turn the Eagles into an I-formation team after the slow start by the run game. Bill Davis didn’t switch to the 4-3 after a slow start by the defense. They kept working to improve the execution of the schemes and made some adjustments. One simple thing Kelly did on Sunday night was use Foles more under the center. According to David Molk, this was done as a counter move to take away the effectiveness of the Giants "nut stunts". That’s a great tweak. Simple, but effective. You don’t always have to make drastic changes to get different results.

Roseman's offseason moves paying off for Eagles - Inquirer
The Eagles entered the free agency period in March with about $24 million in salary cap space and seven draft picks, but they did not make major splashes. They pursued safety Malcolm Jenkins over more heralded safeties and addressed depth and special teams. They traded a fifth-round pick for Darren Sproles. The biggest move was the unceremonious release of DeSean Jackson.

Eagle Eye: New Wrinkles In The Run Game -
On Monday, I broke down the Eagles' defensive performance in the blackout, shutout win over the New York Giants. Here, I want to take a closer look at the offense. The big story here was the return of the run game, after showing glimpses last week against the St. Louis Rams, the Eagles ran roughshod over the Giants' defense basically at will on Sunday night, especially early in the game. How did they do it? Let’s look at the tape. The Eagles added some new wrinkles into the run game last week, but they still had a lot of success with two of their staple running plays - the sweep and the split zone. First, let’s look at the sweep play and how it worked on Sunday.

Eagles Offense: Report Card At the Bye - Birds 24/7
No one was expecting Nick Foles to repeat the 27 TD/2 INT performance from a year ago. And while the circumstances have been less than ideal, the Eagles' starting QB has labored through the first six weeks, completing 59.5 percent of his passes while averaging 6.9 YPA. Among QBs who have attempted at least 50 passes, only eight have completed worse than 60 percent and averaged lower than 7.0 YPA (Foles, E.J. Manuel, Matt Cassel, Geno Smith, Mike Glennon, Chad Henne, Drew Stanton). Foles also leads the NFL in turnovers (seven interceptions, three turnovers).

Change of Direction-How Chip Out-Coached and Out-Schemed the Giants- Part 2 - ChipWagon
So now let's combine this concept with something I highlighted in a post last week. In that post I highlighted on of Chip's reactions to counter teams that are stacking the box. Quite simply, use more blockers. He specifically got the WRs more involved in the run blocking game closer to the line of scrimmage. Let's see how Chip combined the concepts highlighted above, with the things he featured last week against the Rams to get the run game going. The Eagles line up with a 6 man line, but note how close to the formation Josh Huff and Jordan Matthews line up.

Progress Reports: Grading Eagles rookies at the bye - The 700 Level
That being said, the tape also shows Smith has been able to generate some semblance of pressure on opposing quarterbacks, not to mention he typically doesn’t look in over his head when dropping into coverage. The Gore play, embarrassing as it was, is the type of thing that happens to a kid who’s been playing a new position for all of two weeks. The face-plant was a fluke. Take those two plays away, and Smith still hasn’t been especially impactful, but he’s holding his own given the circumstances. At least he’s getting on the field, anyway.

Chip Kelly: Praise, blame of Eagles all the same - CSN Philly
Kelly is known for his extreme preparation, attention to detail and for blasting music at practice to prepare his team for blocking out the extraneous stadium noise on game day. Turns out, the second-year head coach was also preparing his team to mute the clatter echoed through sports talk radio, TV and cyberspace.

Breaking Madden: Edge of Tom-orrow - SB Nation
A quarterback sneak from inside your own one-yard line is a terrible idea. Let's do this hundreds of times.

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