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Joseph Randle Arrested: Dallas Cowboys running back caught stealing cologne and underwear

Bad news is following the Cowboys' win over Seattle.

Tom Pennington

The Dallas Cowboys (5-1) were on top of the world following their 30-23 road win over the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. One Cowboys player may have gotten a little too confident following the victory, however.

Cowboys backup running back Joseph Randle has been reportedly arrested for shoplifting. Randle stole merchandise from a Dillard's department store in Frisco, Texas. That's right, a Cowboys player was arrested for stealing... cologne and underwear. Here's the reaction over at Blogging The Boys.

So Joseph Randle has his best game of the season, playing a significant role in the win over Seattle and he celebrates by shoplifting cologne and underwear? If this turns out to be the case, the things people do never ceases to amaze. He might not be paid like a superstar, but he's making plenty of cash. Why he would do something like this and jeopardize his playing time is beyond comprehension.

This arrest hardly serves as a major blow to Dallas but it's still a pretty embarrassing story. The news also comes shortly after the announcement that Cowboys starting right tackle Doug Free will miss the next three or four weeks with a foot injury. Free is part of a Cowboys offensive line that has been very successful paving the way for current NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray.

The Philadelphia Eagles play the Cowboys in Week 13 and 15.

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