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NFL Power Rankings 2014, Week 7: Eagles and Cowboys near the top

Ranking all 32 NFL Teams.

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Now that Week 6 of the 2014 NFL season is over, it's time to see where all 32 teams rank. For reference purposes, here is a link to last week's NFL Power Rankings.

The Philadelphia Eagles advanced to 5-1 with a 27-0 shutout victory over the New York Giants.

Let's dive right in to the rankings.


1) Denver Broncos (Last Week: 2) - Denver is the new number one. Broncos tight end Julius Thomas is on pace for a whopping 29 touchdowns this season. Keep in mind that the NFL record is 23.

2) San Diego Chargers (LW: 3) - The San Diego Super Chargers escaped The Black Hole with a close win. The Bolts own the best point differential in the NFL at +73.

3) Dallas Cowboys (LW: 9) - How 'bout them Cowboys? There's no doubt that Dallas had the best quality win of the weekend. They marched into Seattle and came out victory. Not too many teams can say that. The Cowboys are doing a great job of playing to their strengths right now. DeMarco Murray is a force to be reckoned with.

4) Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 5) - Philadelphia quieted the skeptics with a dominating 27-0 shutout victory at home against a New York Giants team that was averaging 35 points scored in their last three contests. The best news for the Eagles is that star running back LeSean McCoy has returned to top form. The Eagles are 5-1 heading into their bye week.

5) Indianapolis Colts (LW: 4) - Indy won a close game on Thursday Night Football in Houston. I dropped the Colts a spot because Philadelphia's victory was a little more impressive. Not to mention that the Eagles already beat them this season.

6) Seattle Seahawks (LW: 1) - The defending champs fall five spots here. For as well as Dallas played, the Seahawks were just not very impressive. Russell Wilson threw for a mere 128 yards on 28 attempts. This drop isn't just a one week reaction. The 'hawks were a little shaky in their Week 5 win over Washington.

7) Arizona Cardinals (LW: 7) - Carson Palmer returned and the Cardinals earned a home win over a Washington team that was playing on short rest.

8) San Francisco 49ers (LW: 8) - Win over the Rams puts San Fran on a three-game win streak heading into a road game at Denver.

9) Detroit Lions (LW: 10) - The Detroit defense is looking pretty good; only 82 points allowed through 6 games (13.6 average, 1st in NFL). The Lions will still hope Calvin Johnson can return soon.

10) Green Bay Packers (LW: 11) - The Pack on back on track with their third straight win. Aaron Rodgers is just too good.

11) Baltimore Ravens (LW: 12) - Blowout victory over a bad Bucs team.

12) New England Patriots (LW: 13) - Touchdown Tom threw for four scores against Buffalo on the road. The Pats look like they're back.

13) Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 6) - The Bengals haven't played a regular season game at home where they didn't win since early December of 2012. The way Cincy blew this week's game almost feels like a loss for them despite it ending in a tie. This game result also knocked me out of my suicide leagues, so thanks for nothing, Bengals.

14) Carolina Panthers (LW: 16) - Weird team. Avoiding losses in Cincy isn't easy so this tie was almost a win for them. With that said, the Panthers are still the only team with a winning record to have a negative point differential.

15) Chicago Bears (LW: 21) - The Bears rebounded this week with a road win over the Falcons. The Bears have been road warriors this season going 3-1 in away games. They're 0-2 at home.

16) Cleveland Browns (LW: 24) - Cleveland doesn't need Johnny Manziel because they already have Brian Hoyer. Hope is alive in Cleveland.

17) Houston Texans (LW: 15) - I say it every week but J.J. Watt is ridiculous. Houston clawed back into a game where they found themselves down early but lost anyway.

18) Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 18) - The Chiefs had the week off. Andy Reid will need to work his post-bye week magic in order to beat the Bolts in San Diego.

19) New York Giants (LW: 14) - New York's offensive line was terrible against Philadelphia and allowed a total of 8 sacks. The Giants' offense suddenly doesn't look so hot. Back to the drawing board for the G-men.

20) Buffalo Bills (LW: 17) - The Bills kicked off their new ownership with a loss to the Patriots at home. Welp.

21) Miami Dolphins (LW: 20) - Must have hurt to see Dan Marino's infamous fake spike play used against them.

22) Atlanta Falcons (LW: 19) - The Falcons are on a three-game losing streak. Two of those losses came on the road, which was very unsurprising. A bad home loss wasn't as expected.

23) New Orleans Saints (LW: 23) - New Orleans was really in need of a bye week. They face a tough test on the road at Detroit in Week 7.

24) Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 22) - Pittsburgh was blown out on the road and fall to last place in the AFC North.

25) Tennessee Titans (LW: 29) - The Titans have the fortune of moving up a few spots due to everyone else in front of them from last week being awful. Tennessee would have probably ended up dead last on this list if they hadn't blocked Jacksonville's game-winning field goal attempt.

26) St. Louis Rams (LW: 25) - You know that fearsome defensive line St. Louis has? Me neither. The entire Rams team has just ONE sack through five games.

27) Minnesota Vikings (LW: 26) - Rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw three interceptions in Minny's loss.

28) Washington Redskins (LW: 28) - Washington dropped to 1-5 on the season with a loss in Arizona. The only team the Redskins have defeated so far is the lowly Jaguars.

29) Oakland Raiders (LW: 31) - I can't believe I'm moving the winless Raiders up two spots but they actually showed more signs of life in Week 6 than any other of these bottom feeders. Oakland only lost to San Diego by three points in a game where rookie quarterback Derek Carr threw four touchdown passes.

30) New York Jets (LW: 30) - After a five game losing streak the Jets are 1-5 but Rex Ryan still thinks there's time to save the season. Poor Rex.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 27) - The Bucs look terrible. The own the league's second worst point differential at -84. Remember when people thought Lovie Smith was going to be Coach of the Year?

32) Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 32) - The Jaguars lost on a blocked field goal attempt. That may have been Jacksonville's only chance to win all year.

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