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Eagles-Giants, Winners & Losers: Blackout leads to shutout

The Eagles turned the lights out on the Giants.

Rich Schultz

Eagles fans wanted a complete-game effort from the team and that's what they got on Sunday night. Dressed in all black, the Eagles owned the Giants for 60 minutes with a terrific start from the offense and a dominating performance from the defense. The Eagles played a nearly-perfect game in route to a 27-0 win.

With the outcome of Sunday's game, this edition of "Winners & Losers" is going to be a bit different. While Nick Foles had 2-4 throws he probably badly wants back and Matt Tobin didn't seem to play very well, it's really to hard to find losers from the Week 6 game. Still, I am creature of habit, so we will go through with the lists anyway.


Billy Davis: A lot is made of Davis, but he had the perfect game plan on Sunday. The Eagles dominated the Giants offense and really created pressure in several different ways. Eagles fans are demanding and Davis, at least in this game, gave them little to complain about.

Connor Barwin: He was the superstar of the game. He made several run stops and had three sacks against the Giants while abusing Justin Pugh. Barwin isn't really known for being a very good pass rusher but he is now averaging a sack per game and leads the team. He was absolutely terrific on Sunday.

Vinny Curry: Dude is just an absolute beast. I am beginning to believe that it's a good thing having non-scheme fits in this defense, as it gives Davis different looks. Curry drew a holding call and had two sacks in the game.

LeSean McCoy: It seems he is back. The guy averaged 6.8 yards per carry and had a massive 28-yard run in the third quarter. He decisively hit the hole and looked like the old Shady. It is good to see that heading into the bye week. He had 149 rushing yards and is now among the top running backs again.

Darren Sproles: While he was injured in the game, Sproles had a rushing touchdown as well as a terrific punt return in the second quarter. He finished with seven carries for 39 rush yards (5.6 YPC).

Offensive Line: The line outside of Matt Tobin was solid last night. Tobin looks like he still getting back from injury and seems to be playing hesitant. David Molk, for all the criticism he gets, played very well against the Giants. He used his speed to allow Sproles' rushing touchdown. Jason Peters stood up Jason Pierre-Paul several times and pretty much took him out of the game. I also felt Todd Herremans did really well with the run. Lane Johnson also looked pretty comfortable.

The Tight Ends: Zach Ertz, Brent Celek and James Casey all made big plays on Sunday night. Ertz score the first touchdown on one of the best catches I've ever seen and he was able pick up 47 yards on three catches. Casey had the second touchdown on Prince Amukamara, who he seemed to outrun into the endzone for the 26-yard catch. Celek seemed to finally be a big part of the offense with four catches for 45 yards. He also took on Pierre-Paul by himself and won a few times.

Brandon Graham: At some point, the Eagles are really going to have to consider an extension here. If I were Graham, I wouldn't sign a deal until after free agency. With a lack of quality pass rushers out there, Graham will be a commodity, even in a deep free agency class. He had a sack and a fumble on the night.

Trent Cole: The Hunter ate on Sunday and had a sack on Eli Manning. He looks a lot more comfortable than he was last year.

The Oregon Folks: I thought Casey Matthews played the best game of his career last night. He was constantly in on run stops and blitzed well. He also recovered a fumble. Brandon Bair had the first sack of his career and frequently got pressure when in the game. Josh Huff proved to be a very good blocker on special teams and saw some snapson offense. I think all three of these players have a role on this team moving forward.

Special Teams: Three weeks, three blocked punts. Chris Maragos is fantastic and fellow free agency addition Bryan Braman is as well. Trey Burton had a massive block on the massive Sproles punt return. Rookie Jaylen Watkins made a huge hit on a return and seemed to play well with the unit all game.

Chip Kelly: Oh captain, my captain. Kelly had a great game plan and the offense moved the ball very well for the most part.

The Foles

Nick Foles (Duh): Foles had some pretty moments, but he also had two terrible interceptions. He just seems to do something great and then do something head scratching, then he rinses and repeats. I am a big fan of his, but I am kind of over his "I'm going to work on it" response. I say that to my fiancee when I forget to empty the dishwasher or forget to pick something up at the grocery store. It's basically a way to say "I'll try better, I get it." However, it seems like he has the same issues every game. I thought he was accurate and played well on Sunday and looked more decisive and in control, but those two ridiculous picks are game-changers if the defense doesn't play so well. At this point, I am not sure Foles is getting paid but he has 10 games after the bye to turn that around.


NY Media: We get that there was out-of-context photo taken and it looked bad, but that's been cleared up. I love (hate) that Eagles fans are known for being jerks when 49ers fans nearly killed a man last week and Chiefs fans cheered their own quarterback getting injured two years ago. Enough already. The Eagles fans were very classy in handling Victor Cruz's injury. Move on, you're wrong.

Referees: There were some blatant missed and false calls on Sunday. The referees called a very unclear touchback on a muffed punt and missed a lot of holding calls. They also missed several cases of offensive facemask.

The Giants: Clearly, losing Cruz for the year is awful, but then there is the realization that if they lose next week to the red-hot Cowboys, that they could very well be out of the NFC East race. The Giants need to bounce back for any shot of sticking tight to the Eagles and Cowboys.

Fantasy Owners that Traded LeSean McCoy: Slick move, bro. We knew this was eventually coming.

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