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Eagles vs. Giants: How to watch Sunday Night Football via free online stream

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Pro tip.

Evan Habeeb

The Philadelphia Eagles (4-1) and New York Giants are at Lincoln Financial Field tonight to square off in this week's edition of Sunday Night Football. It's a nationally televised game that airs on your NBC channel, so everyone should be able to watch. But if you're not near a television or don't have NBC for some reason, there's another way to watch the game:

You can watch the Eagles-Giants SNF prime time game on this website via a free, legal online stream. You must be in the United States (or its territories) in order to watch.

How to watch: Head over to SNF All Access on

There are some added bonuses to watching the game via the online stream. You can select from multiple camera angles and enjoy the flexibility of a DVR feature (rewinding plays, etc.). As an added bonus, the NBC personality team will provide extra analysis you won't hear on the TV broadcast. Thrilling, right?

However you decide to watch, enjoy the game. Kickoff is at 8:30 PM EST. Find complete coverage of the game here on Bleeding Green Nation.