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Philadelphia Eagles sign Colin Delaney to one-game contract

Great move by the Eagles.

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The Eagles have added a brave young man to their roster. The team has signed Colin Delaney to a one-game contract, according to TODAY. The 15-year-old Eagles fan is battling leukemia and was recently offered the deal by the team. A former middle school fullback, Delaney signed the contract on Friday with general manager Howie Roseman.

Delaney received his very own No. 1 jersey and an offer to be on the Eagles sideline when the team faces the Giants on Sunday night. It also turns out that Delaney is familiar with his new teammates, LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles, who had previously met the young man and his friends this past summer. He was greeted by the Eagles starters at the annual Ronald McDonald House camp in upstate Pennsylvania.

This good deed by the Eagles and the Ronald McDonald House was part of TODAY's "Together We Make Football" series that the show is running in collaboration with the NFL.

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