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Jason Kelce thinks New York Giants are not very smart

Fair assessment.

Rich Schultz

The trash talk leading up to this week's Philadelphia Eagles versus New York Giants game continued on Thursday with a bizarre statement from Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. JPP, as he's known, said of the Eagles "They're 4-1, but they could have easily been 0-4." Of course, that looks like a funny quote because the math does not add up there. Also, while the Eagles have won a number of close games, their first win over the Jaguars was by 17 points despite early game struggles. So for JPP to suggest the Eagles could be winless is just a little off-base.

Eagles center Jason Kelce, who is out due to a sports hernia injury, had a response to JPP's statement in a segment on the 94 WIP Morning Show on Friday.

"Well my response to that is, I don’t think Jason Pierre-Paul is smart enough to come up with that statement on his own," Kelce told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show Friday morning. "I think he’s the type of guy that just reiterates what his coaches have been telling him. So, I’m a little worried about Tom Coughlin’s math ’cause I feel like maybe that’s where it was screwed up. Maybe it was just relayed to him."

So you are not impressed by the intellect of the New York Giants?

"That is correct," Kelce answered. "They are a good football team though, but yes."

That seems like a pretty fair assessment by Kelce. The Giants are definitely playing good football in recent weeks, but they've also been awfully chatty heading into this game. That might not prove to be the best strategy if New York can't back up their talk.

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