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Eagles vs. Rams 2014: Austin Davis will start at quarterback for St. Louis

Starting at quarterback for the St. Louis Rams... some guy you probably aren't familiar with.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles now know which St. Louis quarterback they will be facing this week. The Rams have officially announced their starter, and it just so happens to be Austin Davis.

But wait, who the heck is that? I'm glad you asked. Davis, 25, is a third-year NFL quarterback that went undrafted in 2012. Davis is actually the man responsible for breaking some of Brett Favre's passing records at Southern Miss.

Davis was forced into action Week 1 when veteran Shaun Hill, who was already filling in for an injured Sam Bradford, went down with an injury. Since taking over, Davis has completed 68 passes on 94 attempts (72.3%) for 754 yards (8.0 average), 3 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and a passer rating of 93.1. The Rams are 1-1 in two of Davis's starts, with the loss coming by three points to the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys.

Here's the reaction over at Turf Show Times:

[Rams head coach Jeff] Fisher has said that there will be no "no short hook."Meaning he will not bench him after one turnover. He is trusting the Kid, and moving forward with him.

Maybe the bye week knocked some sense in him, or maybe the bye week allowed him to here the fans plea and he recognized hell would break loose if Davis was benched. I prefer to go with the latter, this way we as fans can say that we had a hand in on the decision.

But in all likelihood we had nothing to do with it. This was all Austin Davis' doing. He should he was more than ready, and prepared as well as played like a starter. His 72% completion rate and 8 YPA says he is set to possibly take a few teams by surprise. The question is will he be able to continue this level of play after a few more games of exposure.

Davis has played fairly well as far as third-string quarterbacks go. To be determined if he can keep up his success against Philadelphia.

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