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The Linc - Rihanna's Crush on Mychal Kendricks

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/7/2014.

Kevork Djansezian

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Let's get to the links...

Apparently Michael Vick ran a dogfighting ring, according to the New York Times - JimmyK,
I was blindsided by a shocking revelation. As I do every day, I checked the New York Times for the latest happenings around the globe, and stumbled upon a truly eye-opening article about Michael Vick, and his role in something called "dogfighting." It is a Pulitzer-worthy read, as the unquestionably talented author, Juliet Macur, exposed Vick for being a convincted felon.

The Future at QB - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
Nick Foles just had an amazing season. He led the NFL in QB rating, posting one of the highest totals in NFL history. He threw 27 TDs and only 2 INTs. Foles did this as a 2nd-year player in a new offensive system. Just wait til he gets more experience and knows what he’s doing. The sky is the limit. Right?

Who will stay and who will go? - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
6. Will Alex Henery be back? - If he's back, he won't be the only kicker in training camp. The Eagles made the mistake of not having competition last year, but Roseman said there will be rivals this year. Henery's field-goal percentage has gotten worse in each of his three seasons, he missed a 48-yard field-goal attempt in Saturday's playoff game, and he doesn't have a booming leg for kickoffs and long field goals. But are there better options out there?

Jackson Wants A New Deal - Birds 24/7
"I just need some security somehow, someway," said Jackson. "I felt I’ve proven to be a top receiver in this league. Year after year doing what I’m able to do, just help my team be successful and spark energy, that’s what I’m here for." Jackson was asked to clarify: Is this simply something that he hopes will happen, or is it a necessity in his eyes? "I just feel I’m deserving, bro. I’m never going to try and make it a problem," said Jackson. "If it happens it happens. That’s what I have an agent for."

Bengals, Packers, Chiefs and Eagles all face serious offseason questions - Doug Farrar,
Things started out rough for Billy Davis as he tried to merge his personnel and schemes, but it all started to come together right about the time that Chip Kelly found his franchise quarterback in Nick Foles. From Weeks 1 through 9, Philadelphia ranked 30th in FO’s metrics, but they vaulted to 12th in the season’s second half. The strongest improvement came against the run, where the Eagles improved from 22nd to fifth. That held up for the most part in the postseason, even though Philly lost to the New Orleans Saints 26-24. Drew Brees threw two picks and was limited to 250 passing yards. Mark Ingram ran for 97 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries, which certainly went against type, but Davis and the Eagles have a lot to look forward to with this defense. The front seven is excellent minus a top-tier pass-rusher, the secondary can be tweaked from good to great with a few new moves and it’s clear that Davis is in sync with his players. To his credit, it was the coach who took the blame for deficiencies in the run defense.

A year in, Chip Kelly has Eagles at 'different level' - Reuben Frank, CSN Philly
A year ago today, Chip Kelly had never met LeSean McCoy or Michael Vick, he had never set foot in the NovaCare Complex, he hadn’t even decided whether to leave the University of Oregon. A year ago today, Kelly had his first interview with the Eagles for their head coaching vacancy, but it wasn’t for another 10 days that Kelly decided to accept their offer, it wasn’t for another month that he finalized his coaching staff and it wasn’t for another three months that he actually met his team. So when Chip Kelly looks at the upcoming offseason, he feels like he’s got a huge head start on last year.

Eagles Season Over, Bright Future Ahead - FanSpeak
Chip Kelly isn’t just praising his team because it’s expected of him. He has a roster full of young budding talent. The same talent that was able to capture the NFC East title and push a Superbowl caliber quarterback to brink of elimination despite their playoff inexperience.

Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks responds to Rihanna’s stated crush oh him - The700Level columnist John Gonzalez was in the locker room this morning at the NovaCare Complex and asked Kendricks if he was aware of this somewhat surprising crush. "Some of the guys told me about it. They were busting my chops a little," Kendricks said. He also said he’s never met her before, but would he like to? "I don’t want to talk about this, y’all," he said with a smile.

BGN Radio: Eagles-Saints Review And Looking Ahead To the Offseason
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