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Michael Vick Plans to Be a Starter in 2014

Michael Vick still wants to start in the NFL. It won't be for the Eagles.

Al Bello

When the 2014 NFL season starts in September next season, 13 year NFL veteran Michael Vick plans to be on an NFL roster as the team's starting quarterback. Vick confirmed this notion in an appearance on NFL Network. When asked if Vick expects to be a starter, Vick said "Absolutely. I can't see no other way." This kind of answer is expected from Vick. He's still a very gifted athlete with a highly competitive personality. Vick's sentiment remains consistent with what he said after the 2013 season ended when he stated he won't return to the Eagles as a backup.

The emergence of young signal caller Nick Foles and the expiration of Vick's contract ensures that Vick won't be starting in Philadelphia. That said, there still could be a number of options elswhere in the NFL for Vick. One of the NFL Network interviewers kicked around the idea of Vick joining a team like the Browns or the Texans. The interviewer toyed around with the idea of the Texans addressing their need for a quarterback by signing Vick and being freed up to draft stud defensive lineman Jadaveon Clowney to pair with the incredible J.J. Watt. Vick responded, "I'll explore all options, but that does sound fun."

Elsewhere, old friend Marty Mornhinweg is still the offensive coordinator of the NY Jets. Could Vick wind up there? The Jets spent a second round on QB Geno Smith in last year's draft, but his rookie performance didn't warrant a strong commitment moving forward.

The opportunities, although limited, will be there for Vick. He's the top quarterback in a weak free agent class. At this point in his career he is at least a viable stop-gap option for a quarterback-needy team. If Vick can't find a job as a starter, returning to Philadelphia as a backup could certainly be an option. However, that possibility seems unlikely. Vick wants very badly to continue his career as a starter.

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