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Video: Nick Foles Interview on the Dan Patrick Show

With great power comes greats responsibility.

Given the eye-opening success of Eagles starting quarterback Nick Foles in his second season, it's no surprise to see Foles getting more attention in the media. That's just what happens when you throw 27 touchdowns to only 2 interceptions, lead the NFL in passer rating, and even win PRO BOWL MVP (!) honors.

Foles sat down with national radio show host Dan Patrick on Thursday in what turned out to be a pretty good interview. Patrick and Foles touched on a number of interesting topics including:

• "Are you famous yet?" - Foles' new level of popularity.

• Napoleon Dynamite comparisons - and a Foles imitation!

• Relationship with Michael Vick. Vick can still dunk and he throws alley-oops to Foles.

• Speed of the NFL.

• Chip Kelly's play-calling cards.

• Foles is a gamer: he's a big XBOX fan and he likes NHL. How would Foles try to beat himself in Madden?

• DP: "What's your 40 time?"
Foles: "Forever."

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