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An NFL coach is apparently dying to get Mark Sanchez... which one is it?

This has become my biggest offseason question.

Jim Rogash

While perusing some of the senior bowl week chatter, which given the amount of underclassment declaring these days may be more interesting than the actual players at the event at this point, I came across this interesting nugget from the New York Post.

In a piece about the likelihood that the Jets will part ways with QB Mark Sanchez this offseason, Brian Costello got the following quote from a coach of what he termed a "QB needy team."

"We'd take Sanchez," the coach said. "He'd be the starter as soon as he walked in the door for us."

Upon reading it, then reading it again to be certain of what I'd seen I became obsessed with figuring out who said this. Who is the NFL coach that would annoint Mark Sanchez, who turned the ball over 52 times over the last two seasons he played (insert olbigatory buttfumble reference here), as his starter the first day "the Sanchize" walked through the door?

Even if you are someone who believe Sanchez was a victim of the sorry state of the Jets offensive personel (and you wouldn't neccisarily be wrong to think so), that's a flat out crazy statement to make. So who made it? Let's put on our Sherlock Holmes caps and do some deductive reasoning.

First, this was a coach of what was termed a "QB needy team" and certainly his proclamation of Sanchez as a day one starter is proof of that need. So we can toss out the teams with bonafide starters and probably even those who feel they have a QBOTF. Therefore we get rid of everyone from Mike McCarthy of the Packers to even someone like Doug Marrone of the Bills who probably wouldn't consider installing Sanchez as a starter over the likes of EJ Manuel without even a camp competition.

That left me with the following.

Bill O'Brien, Houston Texans - This is tough to say because I don't have a major read on O'Brien. As a former QB coach for Tom Brady you'd think he wouldn't say something like this, but then again the Patriots were always fans of reclamation projects. Still, I can't see any way that BOB would be happy to make his first impression as an NFL HC with Mark Sanchez at the helm of his offense.

Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars - As one of the people who said he would have been happy to ride the Gus Bus prior to the Chip Kelly hire, I would like to think that Gus thinks on a higher level than this. Then again, there may be a practical side if it were Gus. If they didn't draft a QB, Sanchez probably could walk in there and be a starter day one.

Mike Pettine, Cleveland Browns - Here is the first real possibility. The Browns are indeed QB needy, Sanchez probably could reasonbly walk in as the starter on day one if they didn't draft a guy plus Pettine was the defensive coordinator of the Jets while Sanchez was still the starter. To be fair, I'm not totally sure whether that last points makes him more or less likely to be a Sanchez fan. Still, he knows the guy.

The main problem with Pettine being the source of this quote is... He wasn't actually hired until 2 days after it was published.

Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings - The new coach of the Vikes is a gruff, long time defensive guy whose team probably won't be picking high enough to grab one of the top QBs. We know nothing about his QB preferences.

Ken Whisenhunt, Tennessee Titans - This may actually be it. The Titans need a QB and Whisenhunt has a history of bizarre decisions in selecting QBs (see Cardinals post Kurt Warner).

Lovie Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Another possibility. Mike Glennon did show some flashes last year, but you could certainly see how Tampa would be looking to upgrade. Lovie's history of starting QBs does include guys such as... Rex Grossman. So would love for Mark Sanchez really be a stretch?

Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders - Much like the guys above, this one could fit. The Raiders need a QB, Allen doesn't seem to believe in Terrelle Pryor. He actually started Matt McGloin even when Pryor was healthy. And if you're going to start Matt McGloin for 7 games, why wouldn't you give Sanchez the job day one?

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles - The NY Post reporter just didn't realize the giant smirk on his face as he said it.

So take your pick, which NFL coach (assuming this was a head coach which I guess we don't know) would be happy to welcome Mark Sanchez as his starter the moment he walked through the door?

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