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Mel Kiper Regrades the Eagles 2013 NFL Draft Class

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. releases draft grades immediately after the NFL Draft. A year later, he reviews and adjusts those grades given how the former draft prospects performed in their rookie year. Kiper's original grade for the Eagles 2013 NFL Draft class was a +B. In his re-grade, Kiper gave the Eagles... a B+. Pretty B+oring, if you ask me.

Kiper's explanation (via In$ider)

I thought [the Eagles] did a nice job, particularly on the value side, and I gave them one of the better grades in the draft. After a season, I think it holds up pretty well. Johnson struggled early, but we expected that from a guy who'd been playing QB in junior college a couple of years earlier. And Johnson was pretty darn good at right tackle for the last 10 or so games. He was as good as any other rookie at tackle. Ertz saw more of the ball late in the season and looks like a long-term starter; same story with third-rounder Logan, who can be a disruptive player on the inside. Barkley didn't do anything, but he was a fourth-round pick, so it's not as if the onus was on Philly to make that pick work. Wolff offered decent depth. The grade stays high as a pretty good team added key help.

That sounds like a fair assessment from Kiper. I can't argue with any of that. Johnson, Ertz, Logan look like key pieces of the Eagles roster for years to come. Earl Wolff showed some promise as well. Matt Barkley is still a question mark. Overall, the Eagles added a valuable mixture of talented players who also filled team needs. Perhaps Kiper could have bumped the Eagles up to an A-, but it's not a big deal.

The Eagles ended up drafting eight total players but only the first five finished the season on the roster. Joe Kruger was placed on injury reserve shortly before the season started. Jordan Poyer spent the year on the team but was cut in favor of Matthew Tucker. The Eagles intended to put Poyer on the practice squad but he was claimed by the Cleveland Browns. David King was released during the team's final cuts in August and ended up on the Cincinnati Bengals' practice squad later in the season.

Although only five of the Eagles eight picks are still under team control, there were undrafted rookie free agent additions worth noting. A total of five UDFA players finished the season on the Eagles roster, including: S Keelan Johnson, LB Jake Knott, RB Matthew Tucker, OL Matt Tobin, and NT Damion Square. That was good for a total of 10 rookies on the Eagles 53 man roster.

Between the 2012 and the 2013 NFL Draft classes, the Eagles have done a commendable job of adding young, inexpensive talent to the roster. Continuing to make the most out of this opportunity will go a long way towards helping this re-surging Eagles team jump to the next level.

Round Pick Position Player College
(1) 4 T Lane Johnson Oklahoma
(2) 35 TE Zach Ertz Stanford
(3) 67 DT Bennie Logan LSU
(4) 98 QB Matt Barkley USC
(5) 136 S Earl Wolff NC State
(7) 212 DE Joe Kruger Utah
(7) 218 CB Jordan Poyer Oregon State
(7) 239 DE David King Oklahoma

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