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Bleeding Green Nation's Most Active Users in 2013

Who were the most active community members in 2013?

Now that year 2013 has come and gone, it's time to take a look at the performance of the Bleeding Green Nation community. As always, we at BGN are very appreciative of all the support and participation from our great community here.

Below is a list of the most active users in three different areas: comments, FanShots, and FanPosts.

Most Comments
AndersJ 5603
MightyJoeBanner 5084
Mike E. Kaye 4087
Mycatsnameismilk 3631
VRFC8 3624
JasonB 3586
pheenom 3477
Brandon Lee Gowton 3137
bebin 3101
YankeesEaglesWhat 3074

Most FanPosts
Eaglaelphia 41
MattyTM 22
JIDuck97 20
Andrew.Goldwasser 19
Joe_D 18
John G. 16
Mycatsnameismilk 15
WillHolden 13
LeQuan Glover 13
Joshua G. Clayton 12

Most FanShots
Illadelphia-Braintrust 76
MightyJoeBanner 64
Mike E. Kaye 45
JasonB 41
Brandon Lee Gowton 32
AndersJ 29
milroyigglesfan 23
Dubsism 19
Vince Q 16
TricksterG 16


Great work, everyone.

Don't see your name listed here? There's an easy fix to that: participate more in 2014!

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