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Breer: Tom Gamble Plans to Stay in Philadelphia

Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Tom Gamble has been drawing interest for open general manager vacancies around the league this offseason. The Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers both reportedly requested interviews with Gamble last week.

It appears that Gamble might not be going anywhere just yet, however. According to Albert Breer, Gamble isn't likely to leave the Eagles.

Breer's tweet might not be an actual report, but it sounds like he could have some inside information. Even so, the notion that Gamble would stay in Philly makes sense. Not only did he just get here last year, but part of the reason he left San Francisco was to be closer to his family, based in the Philadelphia area.

Gamble staying in Philadelphia would be most beneficial to the Eagles. Gamble had a part in the success of the Eagles' 2013 offseason. Given his track record and experience, he's a valuable member to the Eagles front office. If the reports of him staying are true, that's certainly good news for the Eagles organization.

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