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The Linc - Nick Foles is "Tremendous"

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/11/2014.


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Let's get to the links...

Ex-QB Dilfer a big Foles fan - Paul Domowitch, Daily News
"I had him in the first round," ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer said. "That was well-documented. People laughed at me. I made a statement when I was evaluating his tape at Arizona that if he had been in the SEC, he would have been a Heisman Trophy candidate. I thought that much of him as a college player."

Chip Kelly Update: Vulnerable to Weakness? - Mark Saltveit,
The Eagles have a weird paradox — they do well against direct challenges and opponents’ strengths, but show surprising weakness toward their opponents’ soft spots and injury-riddled positions. New Orleans beat Philadelphia with an unheralded running attack, depleted by an injury to top RB Pierre Thomas. Philadelphia’s previous loss was to Minnesota — after their two best runners went out with injuries and QB Matt Cassell beat the Birds with his rarely-lauded arm. The Eagles hung on to beat Dallas in the year’s final game, but backup quarterback Kyle Orton and Dallas’ woeful defense pushed them to the limit. I’m dwelling on this a bit because it’s a fascinating paradox that may illustrate the limits and potential of this team. DC Billy Davis has overachieved by anyone’s standards, especially working against the pass with a much-maligned secondary.

To Coop Or Not To Coop - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
The huge question with Riley and other teams is whether he’d be considered a toxic presence in their locker room. The Eagles players have either forgiven him or have learned to set their feelings aside. Riley spent the past 5 months rehabbing his image to those men. It seems to have worked. Players on the other 31 teams might not be so accomodating. They would need time to figure out if Riley was a good guy who had an awful moment or if he’s a jerk that finally got exposed. I tend to think other teams would be nervous about Riley for a variety of reasons. He just had a breakout year. That screams caveat emptor. History is filled with guys who got a deal after a career year and who then faded into the background. Riley is a tough sell to the locker room because of his incident. The coach or GM who signs him will also have to deal with some media backlash. Riley isn’t a #1 receiver and he’s not a natural slot. He is really limited to being the #2 guy. He needs the right pieces around him to succeed.

How to Fix a Broken System - Richard Hill, Pats Pulpit
Bill, make sure you place a call to Chip Kelly once the season is over. Chip took over the 4-12 Eagles with the intention of transforming the franchise and ushering in a new age of football. Kelly not only understood the importance of innovative coaching, but also of the care of the player. Or rather, the coaching creativity would be all for naught if the players were unable to take the field. They are the most important assets on the team since they are, well, the team. Pumping resources into the players' well-being is slightly unorthodox, but so is monitoring their movement at practice with futuristic technology, providing protein smoothies after practice, and hiring a former Navy SEALS trainer. Kelly wasn't, isn't, about being orthodox. He's about changing the game and how players can remain effective deep into the season.

Roseman Previews The Offseason Ahead - Bo Wulf,
Though the sting of the end to the Eagles' 2013 season remains fresh, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has a job to do. With the offseason upon us, Roseman and the rest of the Eagles personnel department ramps up the preparation for the array of roster-shaping activities that take place over the coming months. The pre-draft All-Star games for prospects begin next week with the East-West Shrine Game, followed by the Senior Bowl and the NFL Scouting Combine. Over that time, the Eagles will also evaluate their own roster, decide on what to do with their internal free agents while also preparing for the opening of free agency in March. Then it's the NFL Draft, post-draft free agency, trade talks and everything else that comes with being a general manager. Truly, for Roseman, the job never stops.

Eagles' 2013 draft class played beyond its years - Geoff Mosher, CSN Philly
This year’s bumper crop of Eagles came in with a rare sense of belonging uncommon to first-year players. They were respectful to veterans, but not subservient. They were confident, not cocky. They were also extremely vital to helping the Eagles go from 4-12 to NFC East champs in Kelly’s inaugural season.

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles All-22 Film Review - Larry Mitros, NFL Spin Zone
I always say that when it comes to the NFL playoffs, throw the regular season statistics out the window because what happened during the regular season doesn’t always carry into the playoffs, and this game was a prime example of that.
Entering this game, the Philadelphia Eagles had the leading rushing attack in the NFL, not only in yards per game (160.4) but also in yards per attempt (5.1). They also had the leading rusher in the NFL in LeSean McCoy. On the defensive side of the ball, they had one of the best rushing defenses in the NFL, allowing 3.8 yards per rushing attempt which was good for 4th place.

NFLN survey/feared player: Eagles - ESPN
When asking members of the Philadelphia Eagles about the most feared player in the NFL, the initial reaction was the same: "We don't fear anybody."

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