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What do you hate most about the Washington Redskins?

It's a simple question.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the interest of getting fired up for tonight's game, I figured I'd ask... What do you hate most about the Washington Redskins?

You can pick from a number of reasons, and explain your choice in the comments below.

Here are a few suggestions:

They think they're good but they're really just LolSkins.

Dan Snyder (from Deadspin)

"Get 'em!"

The fact they brag about having the best 3rd string QB in the NFL.

Their name.

• The Shanahans

DeAngelo Hall

• Not RG3 himself, but the annoying hype surrounding him

Chris Cooley's remarks about the Donovan McNabb trade



The Redskins-Eagles rivalry never seemed as big to me as the Eagles rivalries with the Giants or the Cowboys. Maybe that's because I don't live near the DC area. I have noticed a number of Eagles fans living near DC who hate the Redskins the most.

Still, there's a natural dislike for any NFC East rival. With rivalry comes contempt.

Let's see if we can add to the list through the comments. Let the hate flow through you.

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