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Sunday Night Football Review: Cowboys Beat Giants in an Unimpressive Win

The NFC East could be wide open.

Ronald Martinez

Prior to the Giants-Cowboys Sunday Night Football matchup I wrote the following:

Don't root for the tie. First, it's boring, and second, that actually helps both teams more than it hurts. Here's hoping for an ugly 2-0 victory in which both teams look less than stellar.

Well the score wasn't exactly 2-0... but it sure was ugly from the start.

The game was so gross that it made Cowboys TE Jason Witten throw up. No, I'm not kidding. I won't post the GIF here because it's disgusting, but you can click here to see it if you dare.

The first play featured a glorious Eli Manning interception. Cue: Manningface. There was also a lot of red zone failure on both ends. Then, later, a Romo interception! Oh, and blown coverages! Missed tackles! Slopfest. And did I mention turnovers?  Plenty of turnovers, especially for the Giants - they finished with 6! At this pace they will have 80 at the end of the season. (Joking. I think?) Two of the TOs were fumbles from RB David Wilson.

Tony Romo suffered an injury right before the end of the first half. He returned to the game but his injury looked noticeable at times. He still played fairly well. The Cowboys wouldn't have won without him, or something.

Both teams picked up the pace in the second half and there was generally less slop. Well, that was until an Eli Manning pick-6 with less than 2 minutes pretty much sealed the deal for the 'boys.

It's very, very early in the season but these two teams looked extremely beatable. Only time will tell, but it looks like the NFC East could be wide open. If true, that could certainly bode well for the Eagles, assuming Philadelphia does its' part.


Sunday's games are finally out of the way. It's Monday (soon) and that means Eagles vs Redskins on Monday Night Football.

Get ready. It's almost here.

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