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The Linc - Chip Kelly ready to unveil his offense against Redskins

Philadelphia Eagles links for 9/7/2013.

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Let's get to the links:

Boom roasted: A look at the warts of the 'other' NFC East teams, New York Giants edition
The defensive line is no longer dominant. Around this time last offseason, many people believed the Giants had the best defensive line in the NFL. They pretty clearly had the best trio of DEs. Jason Pierre-Paul was coming off a 2011 season in which he was a legitimate NFL Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Meanwhile, Justin Tuck was coming off a down regular season, but was excellent during the Giants’ playoff run, and Osi Umenyiora was still making his share of big plays. Umenyiora is gone, Tuck is firmly on the down side of his career, and JPP may had back surgery, which could be a continuously nagging injury. Mathias Kiwanuka will be added to the pass rush mix, but what was once the Giants’ best strength is now a major question mark.

McCoy: Opponents Will ‘Try And Do Dirty Things’ To Cooper - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
"I think for sure a lot of guys are going to try and do dirty things to [Riley Cooper]. Obviously they are going to say things to get under his skin," he said. "For one, they are opponents so they are going to try and do anything to get the advantage. And two, I think maybe some of the words that he did say offended a lot of guys. We definitely have his back. We’re not blind to the fact of what’s going on, so sure a couple of guys will take their shots at him. Even in preseason guys said different things, small things. He’s got to be open with it and understand that’s the kind of consequence that goes along with that. Like you said, the other teams don’t know Riley like we do.

Wulf's Den: Watch The Ground Game - Bo Wulf,
There has been no fiercer running team in franchise history than the 1949 Eagles. Led by Steve Van Buren's 1,146 rushing yards, six Eagles ran for over 180 yards on the season. As a whole, the team averaged a mind-boggling 217 rushing yards per game, which they outpaced to the tune of 274 rushing yards in their NFL Championship victory over the Los Angeles Rams. In only 12 games, that historic team ran for 2,607 yards – a mark that has stood as the franchise record for 63 years. For the first time in decades, that record could be in jeopardy.

Mike Vick starts a website for car enthusiasts to post pictures of their cars -
Hat tip to r/Eagles.

Why Your Team Sucks 2013: Dallas Cowboys - Drew Magary, Deadspin
As we've noted before, the Cowboys are still trying to squeeze out victories from a core group of players that Bill Parcells put together SEVEN YEARS AGO. It's like watching a TV network burn off episodes of an old Mike O'Malley comedy. The only bright young spot on this team is Dez Bryant, who is always one step away from being arrested in a botched jewelry heist. They traded up to draft Morris Claiborne last season and Pro Football Focus rated him as the league's 83rd best corner in 2012, which seems... not good. They're an aging team that refuses to admit that they're aging, and Jones is always convinced he's just one superstar rookie away from seeing the whole thing come together.

Will Jackson turn into a Kelly guy? - Rich Hofmann, Daily News
Here is the thing, though. Jackson has this great desire to be special, and he has this great run-away-from-you speed. The question becomes, can Kelly - with this new offense - find a way to scheme Jackson into the kinds of mismatches that rob a stadium of its collective breath?

Chip Kelly's offense set to unveil full package - Reuben Frank, CSN Philly
The Eagles have only shown a small sampling so far of the schemes, formations and plays they’ll run this year under their first-year head coach, so the Eagles’ Monday night opener will mark the true unveiling of Chip Kelly’s scheme.

@FakeWIPCaller’s Essential 2013 Eagles Preview: 10 Things I Hate About the Eagles - The700Level
2. I can see getting excited about Chip Kelly- he did show up at Wing Bowl, after all, and he’s agreed to appear every Monday morning with Angelo. But his coaching was clearly so indispensable to Oregon that they won their first game without him 66-3.

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