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Where do you draft Michael Vick in fantasy football?

Brian Cleary

Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick is a mysterious property for any fantasy football team owner this season. One minute he is producing points like crazy and the next minute he is doing the same with turnovers. Vick's injury history and hot-and-cold style of play could be attributes that make fantasy owners "sell," while his upside clearly makes you want to "buy."

After two straight years of poor fantasy performances, for the most part, owners have moved on from Vick being a starting quarterback on their fantasy team. In fact, in the BGN fantasy league, Vick lasted until the 5th round of the 16-team league and that is with nothing but Eagles fans. That means that the former Pro Bowler was the 75th pick overall.

In my two other leagues, Vick lasted into 13th round (10-team league) and 10th round (10-team league) respectively. Clearly, Vick is viewed as a number two quarterback in fantasy these days. However, after watching his performance with the Eagles' offense in the preseason, he is definitely a tempting backup plan that could be become a starter, if your current "guy" under-performs.

The upside is high for Vick in the Chip Kelly offense, but you also still have to worry about what it could mean for his health. While the coaching staff obviously wants to protect Vick, sometimes injuries can happen. In Vick's case, historically it happens for at least two games a season. So is worth having him out, while your starter is on a bye or your backup is awful? That is a question all fantasy owners must ask when considering the aging veteran.

So where do you take Vick in a fantasy draft? Surely, most of your drafts are over, so where was Vick taken in your league's selection process? Is anyone in your league using him in a starter?

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