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Cary Williams gets in a fight with Riley Cooper during Eagles practice


If you're reading this standing up you may want to have a seat, because it's a real shocker... Cary Williams got into a fight!

Of course, this isn't a shocker at all because Williams is known for being hot-headed. There's the time he got into a scrap with DeSean during the Ravens game last year. Oh and he shoved a referree in the Super Bowl. Cary was ejected one day during the Eagles-Patriots joint-practices in training camp because he got into a scrum with a Patriots player.

Today, Cary's dance partner was none other than Riley Cooper. Tim McManus of Birds 24/7 has the full story:

Williams was covering the receiver during one-on-one drills. After the play, they stood toe-to-toe jawing at one another. It turned physical and some slaps were thrown at each others’ helmets. Brandon Boykin jumped in to help separate the two.

As Cooper walked away, Williams ripped off his helmet, tossed it to the ground and began pursuing him, but was blocked by Michael Vick.

The cornerback was sent off the field to cool down and was seen pacing on the sidelines. Cooper was talked to by DeSean Jackson and an assistant coach before rejoining the drill.

No one knows for sure what the fight was about, but some will immediately wonder if it had to do with Cooper's remarks from earlier. That may be unlikely, however, since Cary is prone to fighting and this type of behavior isn't atypical of him.

Some fans will laud the toughness of Williams as a much-needed aspect that the Eagles lacked in recent years. Other might question if the Eagles are a dysfunctional bunch, but I hardly think a practice scuffle indicates that.

The way I see it, the Eagles severely lack depth at CB. The depth options behind the 3 starters (Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher, Brandon Boykin) simply aren't encouraging. It's nice to know Cary is tough but he needs to find a way to stay on the field, not be kicked off it.

No truth to the rumor, as of yet, that the fight was about sconces.

Here's a picture of Michael Vick breaking up the altercation, via @davidmaialetti

Here's video of the incident, courtesy of CSN Philly

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