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Debunking the "Jairus Byrd to the Eagles" trade rumors


There have been several reports Thursday morning about Jairus Byrd seeking a trade out of Buffalo. While that is certainly a cause for excitement among Eagles fans on Rosh Hashanah, it is likely just wishful thinking to expect Philadelphia to trade for the Pro Bowler. Byrd has the Oregon connection and is vastly better than the current safeties on the Eagles roster, but there is a lot more that goes into trading for a player of his caliber.

For one, the Eagles would likely have to surrender a Day 2 pick to the Bills for a player who cannot sign an extension at any point this season. Also, there is the fact that Byrd is likely to miss a few games with his newly-diagnosed plantar fasciitis. Along with those caveats is Byrd's rather large cap figure of $6.9 million, which is fully guaranteed due to him being designated by the Bills' "franchise tender."

With all of the different variables that the front office has to consider, trading for Byrd goes against everything the Eagles have really tried to establish this season. He already has a hefty salary, is a veteran and would cost them valuable draft picks. If the Eagles were to work out a deal for a conditional pick with the value being based on whether or not Byrd signs an extension, that would be ideal but not realistic. If the Bills would be willing to settle for a third-round pick, Byrd would be playing for another city by now. Also, with Stephon Gilmore reportedly out for weeks with an injury, why would the Bills trade their best defensive player to begin with?

While it is great fantasize about the possibility of adding Byrd, it is not likely in the cards. If Howie Roseman is able to pull off a peach of a deal like he has in the past, that would be great but remember this team has more obstacles than just the safety position.

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