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BGN Writer NFL Picks: Week 1, 2013


A brand new NFL season means a new year of BGN Writer Picks! Each week we'll predict the winners of each and every NFL game. We'll tally them along the way and see who comes out on top at the end of the season! Feel free to post your own predictions or discuss the writer predictions in the comments.

Bald-eagle_1_600x450 Thumbs Large Philly-sports-fan_display_image Saltveit_headshot
Name Brandon Mike Brent James Mark
Season Record 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
Week 1 Record 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
Ravens at Broncos Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium
Patriots at Bills Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium
Titans at Steelers Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium
Falcons at Saints Nos_medium Atl_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium
Buccaneers at Jets Nyj_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium
Chiefs at Jaguars Jac_medium Kan_medium Kan_medium Jac_medium Jac_medium
Seahawks at Panthers Sea_medium Sea_medium Car_medium Sea_medium Sea_medium
Bengals at Bears Cin_medium Cin_medium Chi_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium
Dolphins at Browns Cle_medium Mia_medium Cle_medium Cle_medium Cle_medium
Vikings at Lions Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium Det_medium
Raiders at Colts Ind_medium Ind_medium Ind_medium Ind_medium Ind_medium
Packers at 49ers Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Gbp_medium Sfx_medium
Cardinals at Rams Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium
Giants at Cowboys Nyg_medium Nyg_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium
Eagles at Redskins Was_medium Phi_medium Was_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium
Texans at Chargers Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium Hou_medium

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