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The Giants' lack of success could be a curse for the Eagles

Frowney for Clowney!

Streeter Lecka

The Eagles' NFC East rivals, the New York Giants, currently sit at 0-4 and will seemingly have to pickup a win against Philadelphia in Week 5 to realistically have a shot at the playoffs. With the way Giants' quarterback Eli Manning, the running back group and the defense are playing, the reality of New York's possible demise under Tom Coughlin could be realized rather shortly. While the Giants would likely never fire a two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach during the season, there stands to be a relatively large shot of this year being the long-time player-caller's last season with the New York squad.

The Giants have been almost unwatchable over the last month with losses ranging from a turnover-ridden defeat in Dallas to three consecutive blowouts against non-divisional opponents. While the team is realistically still in the NFC East title race, just two games behind the Cowboys, the likelihood of a comeback would only increase with a massive turnaround of epic proportions. The Giants struggles are an overall team issue with both the offense and defense struggling to produce with regularity.

The strength of New York has always been its running game and pass rush. However, this season the Giants rank 30th in rushing yards and 31st in sacks through four games. On top of those alarming numbers, the Giants' defense has surrendered the most points in the league, while the offense ranks 30th in points per game. Manning's nine interceptions lead the league and his 14 sacks are tied for second-most in the NFL.

While it is easy to laugh at the Giants recent blunders despite the Eagles' own woes, New York's lack of success could lead to positives for them. Right now, the Giants are one of four 0-4 teams and have a realistic shot of picking in the top three of the 2014 NFL Draft. If the Giants are able to pick up a guy like Teddy Bridgewater or Jadeveon Clowney or trade with Cleveland for their two first-round picks, New York would have a lot of ammunition if they hit on any of those options. For the Giants fans, their tears could come turn into cheers by April with Eagles fans on the outside looking in with a mediocre pick and a lukewarm record.

The Giants draft possibilities are something to keep an eye on if they continue to falter. While you may hate or dislike their team, remember that the Eagles success could hinder on the Giants ability to rebound. That is why after you may find yourself rooting for the Giants in late-November and into December.

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