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Why the Eagles will beat the Denver Broncos

Imagine the unimaginable.

Rich Schultz

The Eagles won't beat the Broncos on Sunday.

That's probably not a great way to start off this article considering its' title.

But it's true. The 3-0 Denver Broncos are the best team in the NFL. They have the best quarterback in the NFL. Peyton Manning is on a historical tear to start the season. To make matters even more difficult, the game is being held in Denver.

So why will the Eagles win? It's just a feeling, really. That's certainly not good reasoning. But hey, crazier things have happened, right? It's the NFL - "Any Given Sunday". Maybe Chip Kelly's offense will look truly unstoppable. Maybe the Eagles will be able to force that one extra turnover which helps them steal a victory in a close game.

Think about it: the Eagles don't have much to lose. Although dropping to a 1-3 record wouldn't be ideal, the NFC East is still weak. Plus, those three losses are to AFC teams, which are the least harmful losses possible. Finally, remember that while the Eagles are aiming to be competitive this year, it's also a time of transition as Chip Kelly starts to build his team.

Considering that the Eagles don't have much to lose, all the pressure is on Denver. How embarrassing would it be for them to lose to a 1-2 Eagles team at home? Conversely, the Broncos don't have much to gain with a win. 4-0 will be nice for them, absolutely, but it wouldn't be anything unexpected.

Entertain me for a moment. Just think about how good it would feel to get a win over Peyton Manning in Denver. Remember how beating him in 2010 felt? It felt so great for Eagles fans. Beating him in Denver could only be even better.

Look, I know that the Eagles defense will struggle against Peyton Manning and Denver's offense. I know that their chances of winning are slim. I get it.

But I invite you to just embrace that underdog role. Relish it. Stand by your Philadelphia Eagles and believe in the impossible. Remember how great a miracle feels. 4th and 26. 44-6. The Miracle in the Meadowlands NUM-BER TWO. The odds were mightily stacked against the Birds, but it didn't matter. They came through.

The Eagles probably won't beat the Broncos on Sunday.

But you gotta believe, man. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!

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