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Which Eagle is Michael Vick targeting the most?

No surprise here.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Who has been Michael Vick's favorite receiving target through the Eagles' first three games? The answer shouldn't surprise anyone...

DeSean Jackson - 28 targets

Fairly obvious. DJacc is the Eagles top receiving threat, especially with Jeremy Maclin out for the season with an ACL injury. DeSean has caught 19 of the passes thrown towards him (67.9% catch rate) for 359 yards and 2 TD. No drops.

Jason Avant - 17 targets

It's no surprise Avant has been a solid option for Vick, catching 11 passes (64.7 %ct) for 145 yards and 1 TD. Avant isn't a dynamic playmaker by any stretch but he's a reliable target. No drops.

Riley Cooper - 16 targets

Cooper is a good blocker but not the best receiver. Riley has only managed to catch 37.5% of the balls thrown his way: a total of 6 catches. He's also dropped 2 passes.

Brent Celek - 9 targets

Celek has only managed to catch 4 of the passes thrown his way (44.4%ct), but he doesn't have any drops so far. That's a surprise considering how many times he struggled with that in training camp. Celek has amassed 74 yards on his 4 catches, including 1 TD.

Zach Ertz - 6 targets

Despite playing a third of Celek's snaps, Ertz has only seen 3 less targets than him. Ertz has 4 catches for 74 yards just like Celek does.

LeSean McCoy - 6 targets

Shady is a perfect 100%ct: 6 catches on 6 targets for 119 yards (19.8 yards per reception) and 122 YAC (20.3 yac per reception).

Bryce Brown - 1 target

In 40 snaps, Bryce has only been targeted once. He caught that pass for a one yard gain.

James Casey - 1 target

The one time Casey was targeted, it looked like it was a TD against the Chargers. It turns out that the ball hit the ground though, so no score. Chip Kelly hasn't unleashed this secret weapon yet.

Jeff Maehl and Damaris Johnson - 0 targets

Maehl has played 8 snaps while Damaris has only played 5.

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