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Peyton Manning complains about having to face the Eagles on short rest

Boo hoo.

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Week 4 of the 2013 NFL season is shaping up to be a tough spot for the Eagles. It was probably that way all along, but the Broncos' impressive start to the season sure hasn't done anything to inspire faith in Eagles fans.

Philadelphia travels to take on Denver at home this Sunday the 29th. It won't be easy for the Eagles considering the Broncos are such a great team. Through 3 games, Denver has the second best point differential (+56) in the NFL and the most points scored (127). Peyton Manning must be licking his chops when taking a look at how poorly the Eagles have played on defense. Manning is planning on ripping this Philadelphia defense to shreds.

But apparently that doesn't stop him from complaining about how the Broncos have to play on short rest against the more rested Eagles.

...seriously, Peyton?

First, your math is wrong. The Eagles last played on Thursday the 19th. The 19th to the 29th is not 12 days, as you see, 29 - 19 = 10. See, Peyton, all you have to do is take the amount of touchdowns you'll probably throw against the Eagles defense (8) and subtract that from your own number, which is 18. Again, you get 10. That's ten. T-e-n.

Second, who are you to be complaining about short rest? The Eagles have played 2 out of their 3 games on short rest so far. Make that 3 games in 11 days. Also consider the Broncos got to open the season on Thursday Night Football, which means they didn't have to play on TNF on short rest. Then they got extra rest to prepare for the (admittedly pitiful) New York Giants. And this week, the Broncos don't even have to travel! They played at home on Monday night and it's a home game again on Sunday. So there's no travel excuse!

Third, no one likes a sore winner. While the Eagles are going to give it their best shot, winning on the road in Denver is going to be tough for them. The Eagles defense probably isn't stopping that Denver offense, so the Eagles' best hope is a shoot out. The problem with that is Denver has a good defense. So come on, Peyton. You know your team is probably going to win. Do you really need a pity party?

Hey, maybe Peyton is just still mad about the last time he had to play the Eagles... and lost.

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