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Former Eagle Leonard Weaver Makes A Music Video: "My Time"

"Let the haters hate."

Official Music Video Leonard Weaver Single: My Time from Lightgate Productions on Vimeo.

Imperium Records in conjunction with Lightgate Productions present the new release, "My Time" featuring former NFL All-Pro Fullback Leonard Weaver, Canton Jones and Malachi Williams.

Earlier in the off-season, former FB Leonard Weaver officially retired as a Philadelphia Eagle. Although his career was forced short by an unfortunate leg injury, he became a fan favorite in the 1 year he played in Philly.
In his time away from the game, Big Weave has explored different career options in his life after football. He's spent some time as a sports analyst for CSN Philly. Now, Weaver is starting a music career.

Check out debut video above entitled "My Time".

Excuse me while I break the hook down, RapGenius style. ANALYSIS:

This is my time - Now that Weaver is retired, he has time to do all the things he wants. His whole life is in front of him.
I'm gonna ride - Big Weave is ready to go do what he wants.
Let the haters hate - Weaver doesn't care what others think. Hate on, haters.
And I'ma 'bout to take off and fly - He is going to fly high with success.

The video seems a little goofy, which is probably expected. But that's OK because Big Weave is a loveable guy. And he doesn't care what the haters think anyway.

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