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Should the Eagles acquire a play-maker before the trade deadline?

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The Eagles unleashed a fantastic offensive furry in the first two weeks of the NFL season, but seemingly stalled their high-scoring endeavors against the Chiefs in Week 3. For the most part, an inability to involve anyone outside of DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Jason Avant on offense was the reason for the Eagles' scoring woes. The Chiefs defense was terrific, but taking Jackson out of the game was the key to defeating the Philadelphia.

With several former early-round picks coming and going from NFL rosters, the Eagles could look to undue a bit the pressure off of Jackson and McCoy, who have seemingly become the 1-2 punch and entire offense for the Eagles. While it is tremendous that both lead the league in their respective yardage categories, we learned in Week 3 that each is just one play away from being lost. It is extremely important for the Eagles to surround their two studs with talent.

We all know Riley Cooper is a good blocker, Avant runs tremendous routes and Damaris Johnson is an intriguing gadget guy, but these players only serve a role in the offense. With Jeremy Maclin on the sidelines, the Eagles have lost the threat of big plays opposite McCoy and Jackson. Running back Bryce Brown has failed to stand out in his dozen carries and Chris Polk has yet  to receive an offensive target. The tight ends that the front office collected along with veteran Brent Celek have not been the huge part of the offense that everyone expected, so it may be time for the Eagles to look elsewhere with their play-makers.

The Browns are reportedly shopping wide receivers Greg Little and Josh Gordon. While Little is essentially a stronger Cooper, Gordon is a prize of speed-size. His 6-foot-3 height and 4.5-forty time speed would be a welcomed sight in Philadelphia and for Chip Kelly. He is also 22-years old and has three years left on his rookie deal. Really, I am not sure why the Browns would even think of shipping him out of town, but same could be said about Trent Richardson.

Along with Gordon, other possible play-makers should become available over the new few weeks as losing teams look to unload talent for draft picks and Howie Roseman is known for his desire to deal.

Would you want to add a playmaker for a draft pick? Is Gordon the type of guy you would target? If not, who is your realistic trade acquisition?

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