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NFL Week 3 Games Open Thread


Dilip Vishwanat

The Eagles (and Chiefs) obviously don't play today thanks to the abomination that is "Thursday Night Football".

Here's a quick look at Sunday's NFL Week 1 early games starting at 1 PM EST.

Texans at Ravens - CBS

Giants at Panthers - FOX

Lions at Redskins - FOX

Chargers at Titans - CBS

Cardinals at Saints - FOX

Buccaneers at Patriots - FOX

Packers at Bengals - FOX

Rams at Cowboys - FOX


Afternoon games:

Falcons at Dolphins - FOX

Bills at Jets - CBS

Colts at 49ers - CBS

Jaguars at Seahawks - CBS


Sunday Night Football:

Bears at Steelers - NBC


Monday Night Football

Raiders at Broncos - ESPN

I'll have my eyes on the Colts against the 49ers to see how Trent Richardson looks on his new team.

In the interest of the NFC East, all three teams in action play at 1:00 PM today. Rams, Lions, Panthers... do BGN proud.

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