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Eagles-Chiefs Final Score: Philadelphia falls to Kansas City in Andy Reid's return, 26-16

That was ugly.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard there was a football game tonight. Andy Reid returned to Philadelphia for the first time as the head coach of the KC Chiefs. Oh and some guy named Donovan McNabb had his number retired at half-time.

On the game itself:

First Quarter

The Chiefs received the ball first and a long Quentin Demps kick return gave KC good field position. The Chiefs were then forced to punt, but Damaris Johnson muffed it and the Chiefs recovered! Not a great start for special teams. Fortunately for Philly, the Birds were able to get a stop. Stop me if you've heard it before: Andy Reid struggling in the redzone. Chiefs settle for a FG. 3-0, Chiefs.

Vick interception. Terrible decision. He had thrown 95 passes without an interception before that moment. Returned for touchdown by Eric Berry. 10-0, Chiefs.

Vick can still run though. A 61 yard gain by the 33 year old set up the Eagles near the redzone. Two plays later, a toss to Jason Avant for a 22 yard TD! Eagles attempted the Swinging Gate PAT (2 point conversion) but failed 10-6, Chiefs.

To this point, the Eagles defense looked solid, which is a big surprise. Forcing three and outs!

Jason Kelce fumbled a snap (dealing with a thumb injury) and the Chiefs regained possession.

Second Quarter

Chiefs attempt a 51 FG... it's wide. No good.

Alex Smith isn't looking like a threat to the Eagles defense, but Philly did give up a big play to Donnie Avery. That set up the Chiefs for a close FG. 13-6, Chiefs.

Philly gets the ball back and Vick throws another interception. Too many turnovers. Eagles fans booing.

Barwin leaped up and almost picked off an Alex Smith pass. Dropped. That turnover would have been huge for the Eagles as it had the makings of a pick-six. Missed opportunity. Chiefs kick another FG. 16-6, Chiefs.

Ugh. LeSean McCoy down. Clearly in pain, doesn't look good... until he gets up and jogs off the field. Bullet: dodged. McCoy would return to the game later.

Third Quarter

***At half time, Donovan McNabb's number was retired.***

Crappy start to the second half. Eric Berry almost nabbed himself another interception but it was ruled incomplete. Correct call.

It was a rough night in the stands too... a big fight broke out in the section underneath the Eagles press box. Heavy punches were thrown and security was very late to get there.

Back to the game. The Eagles put a drive together to get them into scoring position, but they only ended up with three. Henery FG is good. 16-9, Chiefs.

Chiefs get the ball back. The defense looks good! Curry gets a sack and the Eagles force KC to punt. Is this a turning point for Philly?

A deep ball to DeSean moved the Eagles down the field, but yet again the Eagles failed to move much further than that. Henery attempts the FG... no good.

Fourth Quarter

Lumping the scores together here: the Chiefs get a pair of FGs on a couple of drives. 23-9, Chiefs.

Eagles get the ball back and score! Shady runs for a TD. 23-16, Chiefs.

Dexter McCluster fumbles on the ensuing kickoff and recovers, but it leaves the Chiefs with bad field position. KC gets stuck at their own 5. Brandon Graham got a sack and it looked like the Eagles might get a stop... but no. Another conversion by (future hall of famer, apparently) Donnie Avery.

Any chance of a comeback died as the Chiefs ran the ball down the field and killed the clock. A Succop FG made it a 10 point lead. 26-16, Chiefs.

The rest of the game was garbage time.

Final Thoughts

Really, really, really sloppy game. Not exactly fun to watch. You know, the NFL really has me re-thinking Thursday Night Football. Seems like a bad product.

This is the Eagles third game in 11 days. I hate to blame everything on them being tired because there were many mistakes. The Eagles have numerous flaws and they aren't all due to a lack of rest. I'm not making an excuse. They simply have to play better. You have to think it can't help matters, though.

Philly turned the ball over way too much and Michael Vick, who had a bad game, was certainly a part of that. The Eagles can't turn the ball over FIVE times and expect to win.

The Eagles are 1-2 after 3 games. They just so happen to be playing arguably the league's best team next week... the Denver Broncos. On the road. Yikes.

More thoughts on this slopfest later. Stay tuned to BGN for more coverage.

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