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Eagles vs Chiefs 2013: 5 Questions With Arrowhead Pride

Chiefs blogger Joel Thorman took the time to answer some questions for the Eagles-Chiefs game on Thursday night.

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The Eagles vs Chiefs Thursday Night Football match up is only one day away! With that said, we reached out to Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride to give us some insight on KC. Big thanks to Joel for taking the time to answer these questions. There are actually 6 questions, so consider the last one a bonus.

BGN: How good is the Chiefs defense? Can they slow down the Eagles offense?

The Chiefs are a top-five defense right now with a limited sample size.

AP: 'Tis the big question. Against the Jaguars and Cowboys, the Chiefs defense looked legit. They're a top-five defense right now with a limited sample size. I do believe in the Chiefs D, and a large part of that is due to nose tackle Dontari Poe, who is off to a monster start with 3.5 sacks. If Poe can get pressure up the middle -- allowing the Chiefs more versatility with their blitzes -- it makes a big difference. The key ingredients are there -- pass rushers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, cornerbacks Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith -- so the Chiefs have as good of a shot as anyone I'd say. Will they stop the Eagles? I really have no idea. The Eagles are doing something this Chiefs team hasn't seen before so your guess is as good as mine.

BGN: The Eagles defense has been less than impressive. Which KC offensive player will do the most damage?

AP: I'm wondering if that might be Jamaal Charles. Part of me wonders if Reid is going to use him more this game. Last week Charles had just eight carries for eight yards late in the game. Then Reid gave him the ball on every play (eight times) in the final clock-running drive against Dallas. I want to see more of that final drive with Charles getting the ball. If someone is going to be blow up on the Chiefs offense, it will be Charles.

BGN: How has Andy Reid been received in Kansas City? What specifically do Chiefs fans like/dislike about him?

Andy Reid looks like he knows what's he's doing.

AP: It just seems like a professional operation. Look, the last two head coaches were Romeo Crennel (never had success) and Todd Haley (first time head coach). It's a contrast to Reid, who is so experienced. He looks like he knows what's he's doing. The team isn't making those silly mistakes we often saw over the past few years. The offense has a little ways to go but overall Reid's time in KC is a thumbs up.

BGN: I'm sure the Alex Smith trade was met with mixed reactions. How is KC feeling about the trade now?

AP: People are feeling better about it. There isn't 100 percent confidence in Alex Smith and the offense yet but those guys are also showing that they're not complete busts either. Alex Smith may not be putting up gaudy numbers with the Chiefs, but he's 5-for-5 in the red zone which can be just as important as his yards per attempt. Overall? Chiefs fans are happy with him. There are, of course, the folks who say the Chiefs aren't going to win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith, and that's hard to argue with.

BGN: What is the Chiefs' biggest weakness?

Put the Chiefs in a third-and-long and they're in trouble.

AP: Their (in)ability to stretch the field. Put the Chiefs in a third-and-long and they're in trouble. 1.) Alex Smith's strength isn't going deep. 2.) Alex Smith isn't trying to turn the ball over, so he's often not even going to attempt the deep ball on a second or third and long. Beat the Chiefs? Push the offense back and hope Alex Smith gives you one. However, through two games, it's becoming clear that the Chiefs will not beat themselves. The Eagles will just have to be better.

BGN: Will the Chiefs really start this year 3-0?!

AP: (Clears throat) Listen ... The Chiefs are 2-0. Excitement is sky rocketing in KC. You know I have to pick the Chiefs, right? Give me 30-27, Chiefs. And, no, I don't know how they're going to score that many points.


The Eagles (1-1) and Chiefs (2-0) face off in Philadelphia at 8:25 PM EST on Thursday night.

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