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Eagles vs Chiefs fan diplomacy thread

Did you hear, the Eagles and Chiefs play Thursday night? Let's chat about it!

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Chiefs fans,

Hi, it's JasonB the former managing editor of BGN. You may remember me from such pieces as A guide to Big Red. Welcome to BGN. Like you, we are very excited about our upcoming matchup. Andy Reid returning and all that...

We also know that you all love to stop by to say hi and give your quick take on the game. We welcome this! However, Eagles vs Chiefs talk is probably a little out of place in posts where we might be discussing the Eagles vs Chargers game.

So rather than finding the newest post and saying hi, we've set up our official Eagles vs Chiefs diplomacy thread. It's your one stop shop to drop in, interact and give your take on the upcoming game. This would also be a great place for fans of both teams to get some questions answered about the opposition.

Some potential topics of discussion that our respective fanbases may be into.

- Cooked meat, better slathered in cheese or BBQ sauce?
- Run plays, who needs em right?
- Circle of sadness: Why huddles are ruining the NFL
- Tommy Bahama shirts, the right look for walruses?
- Taco Tuesdays, unhealthy decadence or vital part of game preparation?
- How bout them Cowboys?
- Eagles fans have a bad rep, but at least we don't root for the Raiders amirite?
- "Time's yours" and other inelegant ways to transition a conversation

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