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Eagles-Chargers final score: Eagles fall to San Diego in home opener, 33-30

The Chargers failed to slow down Chip Kelly's high tempo offense, but the Eagles failed to slow the Bolts low tempo offense as the birds fall to 1-1 on the season.

Not today, Chip.
Not today, Chip.
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

The Eagles opened their first home game of the 2013 season against the San Diego Chargers.

First Quarter

The Eagles received the ball and got a quick couple of first downs before having to punt.

A Connor Barwin sack on Chargers QB Phillip Rivers forced the Chargers to settle for a field goal. 3-0, Chargers.

A huge 70 yard catch and run from Vick to McCoy set the Eagles up in the red zone. It looked like James Casey caught a TD pass from Vick on the goal line, but it turns out he dropped it. The Eagles settle for the FG. 3-3, tie game.

Chip Kelly challenged a Chargers catch for a first down in the redzone. The ruling on the field was held. Chip is now 0-2 on challenges.

Second Quarter

The Chargers capped off their drive with a TD by Eddie Royal. 10-3, Chargers.

Sloppy Eagles showed up again as the Eagles went three and out. Just not an inspiring start by Philadelphia.

The Chargers got the ball back and ran the ball right down the heart of the Eagles defense. Rivers was sharp as well: he didn't even have an incompletion until 8 minutes left in the 2nd. And that incompletion was a drop by Danny Woodhead. The Eagles got a stop and the Chargers hit a FG. 13-3, Chargers.

The Eagles answered back quickly with a score of their own. A 40 yard catch by DeSean set up a 13 yard TD throw from Vick to Cooper. The 4 play, 75 yard drive (1 minute 20 seconds) gave Philly new life. 13-10, Eagles.

The Chargers were extremely close to scoring a TD again until... fumble! Boykin stripped Antonio Gates right near the goal line and Casey Matthews (!) recovered. The Eagles couldn't make anything of the turnover and had to punt.

San Diego got the ball back... and fumbled again! Trent Cole forced fumble on Ryan Mathews. Turnovers are key for an Eagles defense that doesn't seem to be able to force stops.

Alex Henery missed a 46 yard FG as the first half expired.

Third Quarter

Macolm Floyd took a vicious hit from DeMeco Ryans. Floyd was down on the field for several minutes before having to be carried off on a stretcher. Yikes. Opposing team or not, it's a really unfortunate sight. Eagles fans clapped in support of the injured Floyd as he was taken off the field.

To add insult to injury, the Chargers only dressed 4 wide receivers for Sunday's game. Losing Floyd put them at only three.

No matter, as the Chargers drove down the field yet again and scored a TD. Rivers to Eddie Royal. 20-10, Chargers.

Vick targets DeSean for a deep bomb for the third time and it looks like it might... be... good....! No. Dropped. The Eagles left way too many points on the board at this point.

Shortly after, Vick threw a TD to DeSean Jackson but it was called back due to an illegal formation call on Lane Johnson. Yet again, more points left out there! The Eagles settled for a FG, Alex Henery from 48 yards. 20-13, Chargers.

The Chargers got the ball back and FINALLY PUNTED. At this point there were 5 minutes left in the third. Kind of revealing as to how the Eagles defense has been, huh?

FINALLY: Vick connects with Jackson on a deep bomb for a 61 yard Eagles touchdown. New game! Tie game, 20-20.

Fourth Quarter

33 field goal after a long drive from the Chargers. The Eagles just couldn't get off the field on third down. 23-20, Chargers.

A great drive by the Eagles put them back in the lead with 7:06 remaining. Vick ran it in himself a 2 yard TD. for 27-23, Eagles.

On the following kickoff, the Chargers KR broke off a decent return and then fumbled! Henery had a chance to recover the ball but couldn't. Chargers recover. That would have been a huge opportunity for the Birds. Instead, the Chargers move the ball for a TD. 30, 27 Chargers.

A Philadelphia drive into scoring position saw Vick get injured in the red zone. Nick Foles came in for one play before Vick returned. Henery kicks a FG to tie the game. Tied, 30-30.

The Chargers get the ball back with time, lead a drive down the field, kick the FG. Welpadelphia. 7 seconds left. 33-30, Chargers.

Final Thoughts:

Football is a game of inches, as the cliche goes, and the inches weren't always on the Eagles' side. Philadelphia left so many points on the board. Missed opportunities galore. Ultimately, it cost them the game.

With this team, there are flashes of what they could be one day. The potential is there. But they are still very much a work in progress. The defense simply lacks talent in the secondary and couldn't generate any kind of substantial pass rush on Rivers. While we're at it, they couldn't stop the run either. Nate Allen in particular was a liability. Respect to the Chargers and Rivers, who is still very much a good QB when he has time to throw.

The offense is without a doubt the life of this Eagles team.

Eagles are now 1-1. Stay tuned to BGN for more coverage of this game.

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